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AlphaBayMarket.net, a leading news website dedicated to providing the most current news and information about darknet markets around the globe, has just posted the latest news on darknet security, encryption and 2FA authentication.

Last month the industry leading darknet market, AlphaBay Market, announced plans to begin enforcing stronger security measures to protect its users and vendors.  These new security measures consist of pin-base logins and 2FA authentications.  The market announced that these new security measures will be encouraged for all shoppers, but mandatory for all vendors.

2FA authentication is based on Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption that requires users to upload a public PGP key to their account every time they logon.  When logging into the website, it will send an encrypted message using the PGP key to the user which the user will need to decrypt using their private PGP credentials.  This is a simple, quick extra step that greatly reduces any potential risk of having personal information stolen or compromised. 

As an additional security measure for its users, AlphaBay Market provides a pass phrase option which is a list of seven words required when retrieving a lost or forgotten password.  The darknet market leader also requires a six-digit pin number for withdrawing bitcoin as a third layer of security.

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