National Park Vacation Accidents & Mishaps Usually Caused by Lack of Planning Claims Multitool Manufacturer

S.W.I.F.T. Guide Helps to Avoiding Getaway Fun Spoilers Claims Toolplicity

Easter is behind us and spring is sprung. The clocks have moved on and the evenings are finally shedding brightness across the longer, warmer days. It is traditionally the time when we start to think of emerging from our winter indoor hibernation and begin to contemplate a return to the wild outdoors. Whether it is a camping weekend in the hills or cycling through mountains or maybe just a weekend away walking amongst trees, we are drawn to the quiet serenity of nature as the blossoms appear.

With a mass migration to the great outdoors come perils. We head from the warmth and security of our domestic surroundings to a new, unforgiving environment where the smallest of mishaps can put a proverbial spanner in the works of the fun that had been contemplated at the outset of the getaway. The point of the exercise is to relax from the daily grind of the city. So to have to deal with the unforeseen calamities that occur from time to time is a necessary evil and the disruption they cause can be limited or avoided completely by the correct forethought and planning.

A spokesperson from Toolplicity explained, “It’s that time of the year when we all want to get outdoors. It’s been a tough winter for a lot of people and the chance to get out into nature is a great relaxer allowing people to unwind from their daily lives. We would just like to get the message out there to everyone thinking about a getaway or outdoor vacation, be it at one of the great National Parks or even somewhere just out of the city, that planning can avoid the mishaps that can ruin your break and turn relaxation into frustration.”

“We came up with the S.W.I.F.T guide as a simple way to remember what you need to consider and plan for:

  • S. – Sun – Always have adequate protection. This includes not only UV protection in the form of high factor sunscreen but also hats that cover and protect the back of your neck if you are walking for long hours.
  • W. – Water – It may seem obvious but water or lack thereof is one of the most common reasons for call outs for emergency services. Have enough to keep you going should you get lost.
  • I. – Insects – There’s nothing worse than mosquito bites to put a dampener on your mood. Repellent is a must and also an exit strategy should someone get bitten by something more poisonous. Plan what to do ahead of time. Where is the nearest help etc.
  • F. – Food – Food hygiene and safety if you are camping out or just taking food for the day. Have enough emergency supplies of dried food that everyone carries just in case they get separated from the group
  • T. – Travel – Make sure that all transport used is roadworthy before you leave. Oil, Water, Tires. The same goes if you are carrying bikes to use when you arrive. Tires puncture kit, multitool with the functionality you might need.

“It may not cover every situation and every type of getaway but we think that its a great place to start to get people remembering to plan successfully so that their getaway to relax and enjoy the outdoors remains a fun and relaxing time.”

Toolplicity are manufacturers and distributors of the 7 inch 13-in-1 Multitool with Knife, Pliers, Saw, Wire cutters, bottle and can opener, screwdriver set, large knife and bradawl for boring. The sturdy stainless steel manufacture and high flexibility of uses means that the Toolplicity multitool is a great accessory for carrying as part of a safety and survival kit when you are planning a break to the outdoors, be it walking, camping or cycling.

The spokesperson continued, “We launched this product with outdoor people in mind and all the different activities that people get up to on a getaway break. We have covered all the essential tools required to help in most unforeseen mishaps. Our best recommendation though, is what our customers think.”

Here are just a few remarks made by customers on Amazon:

“He has several Leatherman tools and was thinking this wasn’t going to be comparable. I am quite surprised that he gave this 5 stars and said his beloved Leathermans have been reduced, in his estimation, to 3 stars. I noticed when the package arrived that the tool was heavier than I imagined it would be. It isn’t too heavy to be usable, but it isn’t a cheap thin and light tool that is often found at reasonable prices. The case is a nice touch as he is the type to always put things back in their cases to protect them.”

“It’s awesome. The end that has the hinge with the many different tools is larger and it is smaller up near the pliers so it can be gripped easily. All the tools were sharp and in good condition when it arrived. The pliers are spring loaded so no messing around trying to get them open if you are using one hand. Great Product!”

“This Toolplicity is a tool everyone should have. It comes in its own pouch, making it super easy to carry around with you, or conveniently tucked in your bag to go. It’s great for vacationing in the great outdoors. Instead of having many tools, you can solve almost anything with the one.”

The Toolplicity 7 inch Multitool with 13-1 functionality in available for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited period of time it may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price.)


Toolplicity are manufacturers and distributors of the Toolplicity 7 inch 13 in 1 stainless steel multitool with sheath.

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