Atlanta Based Remodeling Company, Outside Image, Re-brands with a Focus on Remodeling and Renovations in Southeast

Outside Image, a Georgia-based remodeling company with headquarters in Smyrna outside Atlanta, is rolling out an expansion to their portfolio of environmentally conscious construction services. This expansion, which provides for a broad range of construction and remodeling work, is embodied in the company’s newly redesigned logo. The logo consists of the outline of a city skyline, with the familiar green of the Outside Image name superimposed across the bottom. According to Outside Image owner Justin King, the choice of visual elements to include in the logo was deliberate, reflecting on their newly expanded range of services – but also upholding the ideals by which the company operates.

“We wanted to convey a lot at a glance,” Justin King explains. “We felt it was important, for instance, to stick with the green – as a landscaping firm, we’ve always been environmentally conscious. That resonates with our customers; people like to know that their work is being handled responsibly, and we’re going to continue with that. Green, as a color, it speaks to that – and then there’s the cityscape. Instead of a silhouette, we went with an outline, suggesting transparency. The modern consumer… (is) well-informed, knowledgeable, thanks to the internet. More so than they’ve ever been. That’s a positive trait, and it leads to their wanting to know how work is being done – how it’s managed, why things are done a certain way, how your practises as a service provider are environmentally safe.”

“We wanted our new logo to hint at everything we’ve done, and to support our conscientious work ethic as a company. With any luck, people will see it, and feel confident enough to continue reading more about who we are, and what we have to offer them.”

Outside Image was originally launched in 2011, when they provided their services throughout the greater Smyrna and Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area. Today, it offers services throughout the state of Georgia, as well as in Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Their expanded portfolio of construction and remodeling work is available to both residential and commercially zoned customers. It includes such diverse services as drywall installation, fencing, deck and patio construction, masonry work, build outs, and total property conversion, among others.

Interested parties in Atlanta or surrounding communities may visit for specifics about services, office hours, and to read reviews.

Media Contact
Company Name: Outside Image
Contact Person: Justin King
Phone: (678) 305-3688
Address:2151 Dixie Ave SE
City: Smyrna
State: GA
Country: United States