Kiddlywinks Baby Bandana Bibs – A New Weapon In The Fight Against Drool Rash

Drool rash is a common problem, causing babies to become upset and irritable and resulting in sleepless nights.  Keeping the skin dry is essential so Kiddlywinks have launched a new, super absorbent, Baby Bandana Bib Set with soft fleece backing to protect delicate young skin.

A common topic on Mom and Baby forums is how to prevent drool rash. Doctors agree the rash is rarely serious but, as well as being unsightly, it can cause a baby to become upset and irritable and lead to sleepless nights for the whole family.

In this case prevention is much better than cure, so Kiddlywinks have launched a new set of Baby Bandana Bibs on Amazon to help parents keep their children safe.

One of the best ways to protect an infant from drool rash is to make sure that the baby’s face and neck is kept clean and dry but, as every parent will know, this can be very difficult to do. Feeding is always a messy process and once teething starts the amount of saliva produced increases considerably which makes it even more difficult to protect delicate young skin.

In the past Moms have been forced to change their baby’s outfit several times a day or to cover them with unsightly waterproof bibs. Unfortunately, many of these bibs had plastic backing which was not only harsh and scratchy but stood away from the neck allowing saliva to leak through gaps onto the baby’s chest.

Kiddlywinks Baby Bandana Bibs make life easier for busy Moms by providing a super absorbent alternative to traditional bibs. Made from soft cotton with a gentle fleece lining they drape comfortable around little necks and catch drool effectively.

An added benefit is that these cute bibs come in a set of 4 unisex designs that will compliment any outfit.

With adaptable snap closures they are suitable for ages 3 – 24 months and are backed by a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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