04 Apr, 2016 – ArKay Beverages is a well-known beverages company with international presence. Customers know what to expect when shopping at ArKay Beverages, the world’s first alcohol free liquor maker. It also has a unique sales method that attracts investors. “Most franchise systems require royalty payments based on a percentage of sales. With the ArKay Beverages system, you pay royalties based upon  your gross profit, that is, net sales receipts less the wholesale cost of the merchandise you sell,” according to ArKay Beverages.

Founded in 2011 ArKay Beverages is today the world’s largest alcohol free liquor company, It isexpanding globally, and many look to be a part of this expansion. 

The business model is simple, by becoming a franchisee or an affiliate you will have access to the entire company inventory at wholesale price, and in return you will give the company a fraction of you profit.

ArKay Beverages is planning a huge international expansion.

Countries like Japan, France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa provide huge opportunities for growth, according to the company. 

“Our business model is unique, because our franchisees or affiliates does not have to purchase any inventory, their investment is only the cost of the Franchise or the Affiliation, that’s all, there is no financial investment beside this. ArKay beverages give them access to the entire company inventory at wholesale price, and then when the franchisee or affiliate sells something at retail price, ArKay beverages will ship the product to the consumer. No need to have a store or an office, this business model is home based, even better you can sell ArKay beverages products from your computer, your tablet or you cell phone or just by speaking to your neighbors,” said Angel David VP of sales.

Usually the affiliates can make up to 30 % gross profit and in return gives back 3% to ArKay Beverages.

This is a fair business opportunity, no investment required to finance inventory, only a small $10 K affiliation fee.

Giving your time and communication skills is great – all round. And so is connecting with others speaking about ArKay and being their coach. They are both real happiness boosters. So why not make something happen for a good cause and get a real double whammy for happiness!

About ArKay Beverages Inc

ArKay beverages was created with the purpose of improving people’s lives through beverages, providing taste-rocking, world-changing non-alcoholic drinks crafted in over 36 crispy flavored potions and still counting. ArKay beverages is the world’s first non-alcoholic, liquor-flavored drink collection, and has rapidly gained popularity worldwide with this truly unique and innovative drink. For consumers worldwide looking for an alcohol-free beverage alternative ArKay non-alcoholic, liquor-flavored drink collection is the perfect drink to substitute for all alcoholic drinks.

It is for EVERYONE and is available in many of our selected distribution outlets across the US, or simply order online on our website (

ArKay non-alcoholic flavored beverages can be enjoyed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

ARKAY reminds everyone, “Don’t drink and drive unless it’s ARKAY®.”

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