Elite Daily Co-founder Gives inside Account of how He Built and Sold Company for $50 Million

Gerard Adams Shares Growth Hacking Secrets and how Tony Robbins Inspired him to Give Back

Scottsdale, AZ – Elite Daily co-founder Gerard Adams joined entrepreneur and podcast host Jason Hartman for an interview on the Speaking of Wealth show. The two entrepreneurs discussed Gen Y millennial markets and how Elite Daily was sold to Daily Mail for approximately $50 million in 2015.

Elite Daily has been dubbed as “The Voice of Generation Y,” and Adams started, grew and sold the content publisher in four short years after co-founding the company with one of his former interns and $60,000 of seed capital that he self-funded. The money was used to boost traffic, market, and hire writers to pump out 80-100 pieces every day.

“Publishing aspirational, niche content every single day was a huge variable for our growth,” Adams said.

Since its acquisition by Daily Mail, Elite Daily has made video content an important part of its publishing strategy. Adams cites video as the growing trend in today’s changing media landscape.

“Video is going to become such an important factor to content consumption,” Adams said. “80% of all content consumed will be video-driven.”

Adams credits Anthony Robbins for inspiring him to live a more purposeful life connecting business to fulfillment. Like Robbins, Adams is now mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs to help them avoid the pitfalls he faced when he was getting started.

“I’m trying to cultivate the passions of millennial entrepreneurs so they can become great leaders,” Adams said. “They will then continue to help the next entrepreneurs. That’s how we’ll change the world and build great companies.”

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