The Real Face of the Third Brussels Bomber Revealed

As part of his association with local private investigation firm Covert Intelligence, famed forensic sketch artist Sheldon Borenstein is using a small section of surveillance video footage to create a 3D rendering of the face of the third suspect in the recent Brussels Airport bombing. If successful, the drawing will bring to life the face of one of the world’s most important fugitives.

Covert Intelligence hopes their sketch may help civilians identify the suspect and alert the authorities.

SAN JUAN, PR – 05 Apr, 2016 – The recent terrorist attack in Brussels brought to light the need for reliable facial recognition artists. In the attack, two men blew themselves up inside the Brussels International Airport. A cab driver later testified he drove those men, plus a third unidentified male, to the airport earlier that day. There is surveillance video footage of the three men together moments before the attack, but that third suspect is wearing a hat and a big coat and is not easily recognizable. The taxi driver thought he recognized the man from a photographic lineup, but he turned out to be wrong and the suspect remains at large.

Fernando Fernandez, a world-renowned P.I. and head of Covert Intelligence, LLC, understands the urgency of these cases. A while ago he brought Sheldon Borenstein, the leading expert in a field that is growing in popularity, to his firm as their sketch artist of choice. Borenstein is able to recreate a face from minute traces of evidence, like the line of a jaw, or the cranial structure. Forensic 3D sketches are becoming the way of the future in cases where the police relies on civilians recognizing a suspect at large. As the international law enforcement community reaches out to the public for help in identifying the third Brussels’ suspect, Borenstein’s sketch may prove to be the determining factor in the investigation results. This has happened before.

In a recent case in Puerto Rico, a serial rapist was on the loose and the only clue to his appearance was a surveillance tape that showed his lowered head, covered by a baseball cap and sunglasses. Fernandez had Borenstein, known for his 3D facial reconstruction of the ISIS hooded executioner Jihadi John, produce a full 3D color sketch of the suspect’s head based on his bone structure and racial characteristics. Only six hours after the sketch was released, someone recognized the suspect and the police were able to make an arrest.

When asked about the Brussels’ suspect sketch, Fernandez said, “I’ve seen the results of Borenstein’s sketches first hand. We had collaborated in the past, and in each and every case his talents were immensely relevant in solving time-sensitive cases. That’s why I brought him to my firm. When there is a fugitive on the run, a good sketch allows civilians to recognize the criminal and that not only helps to solve the case, but can also save lives.” Fernandez has been in this line of business in the Caribbean with his firm, Covert Intelligence, LLC, for more than 10 years.

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