Brand New Marketing Company Relevant9 Opens in Jacksonville, FL for Marketing Made Easy

Brand new marketing company, Relevant9, opens in Jacksonville, FL to provide expert marketing services for the local businesses. Headed by Mike Evans, Relevant9 is a group of marketers of different specialties with the aim of helping local businesses by providing them with relevant, up-to-date marketing strategies. Along with the launch of the new company’s site, they can also be reached in different platforms including Facebook and Twitter so that clients can easily reach out to them.

Relevant9 realized that many companies these days are utilizing different digital marketing strategies but even when that was so, they cannot raise to the competition. This is because of most of these companies are enlisting the help of firms using outdated marketing strategies that was relevant and useful years ago. While those strategies may have worked before, this time around what they need are advanced marketing strategies – the kind that is highly targeted and follows the trend to these days.

This is exactly where Relevant9 stands apart from other marketing firms, by providing marketing strategies that can truly deliver leads, prospects and customers to businesses. What they offer their clients are digital marketing with the use of social media and through SEO marketing, email campaigns, pay-per-click ads and more. Using these marketing strategies, it makes it easier and more efficient to find one’s potential customers.

Relevant9 provides services that range from branding, web design, pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging and more. Their services are mainly in three categories where their clients will first Get Started by means of branding, web design and marketing strategy. Once they get started in digital marketing, the next aspect is to Get Found using email marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click ads.

Last of the categories is to Get Social which means the use of social media, blogging and management of one’s online reputation. These three are the complete formula that will allow companies to effectively market their products and services to their prospects whether online or offline. These are the ways that make it possible for Relevant9 to help businesses grow and reach success which is their very goal from the very start.

By combining all these marketing strategies, Relevant9 is able to truly raise a business’ web presence and so increase the traffic to their site. This is the start of local business increasing their profit and return of investments by being able to reach out to their prospects in an easy yet effective way. Relevant9 is capable of targeting relevant customers for their clients using the marketing strategies they provide their clients.

Now that Relevant9 has opened its Jacksonville, FL office, local businesses are invited to take advantage of the benefits they offer. With the help of the Relevant9 team, businesses can grow and develop to success and finally have the edge to stand out from the competition. With Relevant9’s digital marketing strategies, success is never that far for businesses in Jacksonville, FL.

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Company Name: Relevant9
Contact Person: Mike Evans
Phone: (904) 289-2300
Address:4503 Irvington Ave #11
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