Laguna Introduces Pro369 Hemp Protein Beverage and Expands to Over 700 Independent Affiliates

KELOWNA, BC, CANADA – 05 Apr, 2016 – Laguna Blends Inc. (CSE: LAG) (OTC: LAGBF) (Frankfurt: LB6A.F) (the “Company” or “Laguna”) is pleased to introduce “Pro369”, Laguna’s hemp protein, instant, functional beverage to its network of independent affiliates in the United States and Canada. Laguna’s independent affiliates can purchase Pro369 as of 12:00pm PST today by accessing their Laguna affiliate shopping cart online.

Laguna has experienced rapid affiliate growth since its business launch on March 7, 2016. In less than a month Laguna has attracted more than 700 independent affiliates from all corners of the United States and Canada, which exceeds growth projections.  Laguna intends on posting financial sales data in early May of 2016 to report its first seven weeks of sales.

The first product category that Laguna has introduced are unique, instant, functional beverage products that contain hemp protein, omegas, ginseng and other efficacious ingredients.  

Naturally Splendid CEO Mr. Craig Goodwin states, “Laguna Blends is building a team of industry experts. We are excited to be a part of this team and look forward to providing Laguna Blends and their customers with a superior protein blend formulated with our HempOmega® technology. Laguna is the first Network Marketing Company to have access to this HempOmega® technology, which is a finalist for the prestigious NutraIngredients Awards in the category of Start-up Ingredient of the Year.”

Stuart Gray, Laguna’s President and CEO, said, “The feedback from the first product Laguna recently introduced, ’Caffe’, has been tremendous.  By infusing both hemp and whey with coffee we have generated interest in hemp within a mainstream market of coffee drinkers.  We are equally as excited to now offer Pro369 to our active affiliates and their customers.  Pro369 is a world-class product that contains hemp, omegas and ginseng.  The Minister of Health from Health Canada has granted Laguna a product license along with a Natural Product Number (“NPN”) for all four of the Pro369 Flavours. Notably, Laguna can make five health claims with just this product alone, putting Pro369 in a league of its own.”

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. “Naturally Splendid” or “NSE” (FRANKFURT:50N) (TSX VENTURE:NSP) (OTC:NSPDF) provided the research and development of all four of the flavours of Pro369. In addition, Laguna and NSE have entered into a manufacturing agreement for Pro369.

About Laguna Blends Inc.

Laguna is a network marketing company that generates retail sales through independent affiliates. Affiliates utilize tools and technology that enable them to build an international business from their own home or anywhere else in the world.  This technology replaces the need for expensive travel and hotel meetings.

The Company is currently focused on the nutritional health benefits derived from hemp. Laguna’s first product category as an entry to market are functional beverage products that contain hemp and other efficacious ingredients. Laguna’s initial products to market are the following:

“Caffe” is an instant, “just add water” hot coffee beverage that is infused with both whey and hemp protein.  With 2 grams of protein in every serving, our proprietary product packs a powerful protein punch. Caffe, contains Instant coffee, whey protein hydrolysate, hemp protein, natural flavors.

“Pro369” is a single serving, “on-the-go,” plant based, instant, hemp protein that is served cold and comes in 4 delicious flavors. Pro369 is water soluble and can be directly mixed in water, added to milk, almond milk or coconut milk. Pro369 can also be blended in a shake or smoothie. Pro369 is also a source of Omegas, 3, 6 and 9 and contains ginseng. 

* By 2020 the global sports nutrition market should reach US$33.6 billion in revenues on the back of a 7 percent CAGR (compound annual growth rate), according to a new market report from Allied Market Research. For those living under a rock in recent years: the consumer demographic in the sports nutrition market has been expanding. While athletes account for about 37 percent of global sales of sports nutrition products and recreational users 27 percent, the market has witnessed emergence of a new user group dubbed as “lifestyle users”. These new consumers tend to use sports nutrition products as beverages, meal replacements or healthy snacks, rather than purely for exercise-related nutrition. This group of lifestyle users will grow faster than any other in the sports nutrition market, followed by the recreational users, according to the report, which cited the rise in health club and fitness center locations worldwide as a key growth driver. Overall, the report predicted a greater adoption of sports nutrition products by working mothers, on-the-go business people and outdoor enthusiasts.

Laguna Blends has been granted approval from Health Canada for four powdered flavours: Pro369 Chocolate Banana, Mixed Berry and Vanilla Caramel and Tropical Powder.  Pro369 contains Hemp protein, natural flavors, stevia, and American ginseng.

The Minister of Health from Health Canada has granted Laguna a product license along with a Natural Product Number (“NPN”) for all four of the Pro369 Flavours. They are all listed under the same NPN.

i. A source of protein that helps build and repair body tissues.

ii. Source of amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis.

iii. Assists in the building of lean muscle.

iv. An adaptogen to help maintain a healthy immune system.

v. Supportive therapy for the promotion of healthy glucose levels.

Hemp has long been recognized by the health and nutrition industry as a super food, cited in many publications as a balanced source of all ingredients required to achieve health and wellness.


HempOmega® is an environmentally sustainable, vegetarian source of Omegas 3 and 6 that boasts a superior nutrient profile. A water soluble, homogenous, powdered ingredient, it can be easily integrated and/or manipulated, with no unpleasant taste or chemical contamination – opening up entirely new product formulation opportunities. Hemp Omega’s greater ability to endure the digestive process delivers unmatched bioavailability, thereby maximizing its potential health benefits.

The Company sells its products through its independent affiliates in the USA and Canada.

HempOmega® is a Trademark owned by Naturally Splendid Enterprises, Ltd. and is used under license by Laguna Blends Inc.

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