Fashion inventions company, p.s. mister: Inc., launches product on Kickstarter

Invention that folds and holds any pocket square introduced on major crowdfunding platform

Orlando, FL – p.s. mister: Inc., has announced it officially launched its highly anticipated Pocket Square Snap invention on Kickstarter last week. The product will make folding any pocket square and holding it in place an easy task.  

“We are excited that within the first 24 hours of our Kickstarter campaign we raised over 35% of our goal” explained co-founder Omar Khateeb. “Kickstarter’s massive international community is the best place to take our product from conception to completion.”

According to, over 10 million people, from every continent on earth, have backed a Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter campaign will allow people an opportunity to purchase the invention at an exclusive price as well as limited edition rewards.

“We have pulled some great rewards for the campaign, including some special edition items as well as vintage pocket squares,” states co-founder Adam Ben-evi. “These items are going fast. Go directly to the Kickstarter page at to support because its first come, first served!”

Recently, Winter Park’s Studio 18 celebrated the reveal of the product at “Crown the Town” in Winter Park, FL. The event honors local startups and brands that align with the studio’s vision, “Community is King.” 

“We had a huge turnout and many guests expressed an eagerness to get their hands on our creation,” stated Nicole Novak, p.s. mister: events manager.

For more information regarding the p.s. mister: Kickstarter campaign, please visit our Kickstarter page at

About p.s. mister: Inc

p.s. mister: Inc. develops innovative solutions for men’s fashion using science and minimalist design. Recently, the company launched its highly anticipated invention the Pocket Square Snap. The Pocket Square Snap allows folding and holding pocket squares an easy task.

For more information on the Pocket Square Snap, visit the Kickstarter campaign at

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