The New Film “One Day” by Gwendelynn Martindale – What would you do if you had Only One Day to Live?

It is a common feature of modern life that we often have too little time. Whether that is a result of too many responsibilities, poor choices or less than judicious use of our allotted resources, the fact remains that our time is one of our most valuable assets. Seen in the context of a divine gift, our time becomes even more valuable because we are never quite sure how much of it we have.

A new film by experienced filmmaker Gwendelynn Martindale, “One Day” examines how to use our time in this world wisely. The narrative centers on John, a young man who discovers that he has only one day left to live. John plans his day out but is interrupted, and his plans go unfulfilled. Gwendelynn uses this powerful storyline to help mirror the frustration and powerlessness most people feel, and offers some intriguing solutions to help us take control of our hectic lives.

This short film is the latest in a string of Christian films. Filming will begin this July, but Gwendelynn is asking for help in financing her film. With a modest budget of only $5,000, “One Day” is her most ambitious project to date. The funds will be used for actors, crew, visual effects and musical composition. To raise these funds, Gwendelynn has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In return for supporting this project, backers can get valuable perks like film credits, film posters, online viewing privileges, film DVDs, T-shirts, church screening, Associate Producer credit, Executive Producer credit or invitations to the film premiere.

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