Author Yael Ert is launching her new children’s e-book – “If I Were a Magical Creature” – This month, on April 7th. The book aims to inspire creativity, love and laughter in children.

Tel Aviv, Israel – 5th April, 2016 – Fairy tales are a part of every child’s life. The children want to learn more about the magical creatures and how they spend their day, whether they fly around the world, gather teeth at night or spend their days in the fields. Young minds often wonder about how would it feel if they could have the opportunity to meet a magical creature and have a close-up view of its life.

Ert seems to have opened the doors for all those questions with her new book, now available from Amazon, “If I Were a Magical Creature”.

The book will be free for the first 3 days.

“”If I were a magical creature” offers a glimpse into the unique world of magical creatures, sweeping the readers off to a lovely adventure,” stated Ert’s spokesperson while explaining the book.

The new book involves 5 stories about 5 magical creatures – a fairy, a witch, a troll, a lucky dragon & a trickster. Each of the creatures comes with its own charm and tells a tale about a day in its life, revealing an exclusive world of magic to the readers.

“It is meant to infuse the power of creativity and fun and give the children tools to use their own imagination. The book is for children between 3-8 years of age, and their parents of course,” smiled Ert.

An author by passion, Ert has been writing for a long time but she started writing for children because of her nephews. When her niece wanted a unicorn for her birthday, Yael got the inspiration to come up with “If I Were a Magical Creature” to fulfill her cravings for magical surprises.

Speaking further, the spokesperson mentioned about the free coloring pages inside the book, as a gift from the author.

Mar’yana Kachmar has drawn the illustrations for the book while Carolyn Bean shouldered the editing responsibilities.

“Parents, if you are looking for a new addition to the bedtime stories that can keep up to your little one’s desired dose of magic & creativity, “If I Were a Magical Creature” would be a nice treat for you both,” Ert added in.

For more information and get the book please go to:

The book will be free of charge starting in April 7th until April 9th

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