The ‘Animal Movie’ will give an insight into various nuances of filmmaking

Talented filmmaker Jeremy Cathey has created a documentary film named the ‘Animal Movie’ that explores the behind the scenes of movie-making and gives an insight into the various aspects of filmmaking. He has announced the launch of this movie through a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $30,000 for the successful completion of the project. The campaign has received a steady response from the backers with a few more weeks left before its end.

Through the Animal Movie, audiences will learn about making movies, the efforts that filmmakers put into creating a film and understand the creative process involved within it. The film will inspire many a number of people to try their hands at filmmaking.

The documentary is created to describe the realistic aspects of movie making and presented in an adventurous and comic manner which makes it not only informational but also entertaining. Jeremy has also inculcated his childhood experiences of growing on to a farm in this movie. He has been creating visual stories since his childhood, and finally bringing his dreams into reality by creating a movie that will inspire many to take a camera and start filming their own movie.

As a seasoned filmmaker, he has created many short films, commercials, music videos, wedding videos and more and now he has put all his efforts and passion into the ‘Animal Movie’ project. His short film “Free Oatmeal” also went on to winning the three-minute masterpiece award from the Seattle International Film Festival in 2012, and got featured in the Seattle Times.

All the funds raised for the project will be utilized in the production of the film along with licensing the soundtracks, preparing the audio mix, sending it to film festivals, crowdfunding fees, 16mm film stock with digital conversion and reward fulfillment. The success of the Kickstarter campaign will ensure that all the hard work that Jeremy has put into this movie gives the desired results.

The campaign also offers a number of rewards to the backers such as behind the scenes updates and photos, a Blu-ray copy of the movie, getting their name in the ending credits along with signed copy of the script and storyboards, official movie posters, tickets to premiere in Washington, and one of the cameras used to shoot the movie among many others.

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