World’s First Scent Marketplace Offers More Than Great Deals To Fragrance Shoppers

It’s easy to buy fragrance and hair care products online these days, but getting help from the website to understand the products and match what’s bought to the customer’s expectations is something entirely different.

Rohit Gaur created with customer care in mind.

“You have heard the expression caveat emptor, which is Latin for buyer beware. When you buy beauty and fragrance products online from places like Amazon and eBay, you really have no idea what you are getting. You don’t even know the source because these products don’t ship straight from the manufacturer like they  say they do,” Gaur said. “ changes that.”

The website offers a team of online consultants to who can help a shopper pick the exact product to meet the wants and needs of the buyer. The experienced consultants know how to pair products on the website for the maximum effect.

”That’s important to us. We want every customer to know that what we sell is also what we recommend. The customer always makes the final decision, but want to be sure the customer has all the information needed to make an informed decision,” Gaur said.

Perfumora sells name brands and handmade scents, no knockoffs. The company buys only from approved and vetted vendors. The testing process, which insures Perfumora only sells true products, is not a one-time experience either.

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“Our vendors know we will test their products at any time. We expect them to deliver the actual product. If we find out they are selling an inferior brand under a premium brand name, they are no longer one of our vendors,” Gaur said. “Our customers trust us to make sure they are getting what they pay for.

“We are the world’s first scent marketplace and we are passionate about scents.”

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We at Perfumora believe in making our users feel complete and confident by giving them the right essence for the right occasion just the way they want it. To achieve this, we offer an extensive range of beauty-centric products ranging from the traditional to the very latest. Our products include scents with the most exclusive of the aromas, skin care products and  cosmetics, bath and body products and related gift items like accessories for all the age groups, whether you’re a sophisticated lady or a suave gentleman.

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