Reviewed the Best Interracial Dating Sites of 2016, a dating site review portal, recently reviewed the top ten interracial dating sites of 2016., a top dating site review portal that has been consistently delivering expert commentary on the most acclaimed dating sites on the internet, recently reviewed the top ten interracial dating sites for their users. The editors and web administrators said that many new sites have come up in this niche over the past few years and they strongly felt the need to review these websites based on a number of factors such as site loading time and membership strength.

“A whole lot of websites have come to the fore in recent times and not all of these are really good dating websites. Therefore, we thought we should start with handpicking the top ten sites from the web search results and review them,” an editorial and review team member was narrating the background of the deep research work they started a few months ago.

“While reviewing the websites, we took into consideration three main factors – cost of joining and using, overall ambience and quality, and usability. A good number of sites were good enough for passing the preset benchmarks, while a number of other sites did not really do well,” added the reviewer.

The web administrators recently gave an online interview to a representative of the local press, underlining the importance of interracial dating. “We want the racial lines to become blur with time. The world is equally beautiful for the whites, blacks, browns and yellows. People should respect each other and spread love instead of hatred. We think that the interracial dating sites that we review nicely do the job of matchmaking between people of different ethno-racial groups. This is a tremendous thing to do, considering the fact that racism is still rampant in many parts of the world,” said a chief web administrator.

Interracial Dating Free was set up with an aim of guiding people in choosing the right dating partners from different races. “It has indeed become a platform for matchmaking and love exchange. People now come to the site to find more about interracial dating and eventually they date people from other racial groups,” said the CEO of the dating site review portal.

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