Punch Trump: New game allows users to duke it out with controversial candidate

Game available now available across multiple platforms

A multi-platform game is allowing gamers to vent their frustrations with controversial presidential candidate and business magnate Donald Trump.

Other Punch Trump games are already out there, but this is the first one that works across multiple platforms. Typically, iPhones and iPads won’t display games created in Flash – but not this version of Punch Trump. The game works for all users, including those playing on a desktop or any mobile device.

While duking it out with The Donald, the player is treated to some of the most controversial quotes in Donald Trump’s portfolio. When a user “loses” a game, the player is treated with a condescending Donald Trump quote. If the player wins, Donald Trump’s character gives an excuse. Since the quotes change every time, players have to play several rounds to see each quote.

“This is just for fun,” says PunchTrump.US webmaster James Noel. “This isn’t intended to be either pro nor anti-Trump. It’s just a fun way to virtually interact with the interesting and controversial character that is Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump has emerged as a controversial – yet popular – candidate in the 2016 United States presidential election, but his controversial statements go back even further than that. Trump drew attention in 2012 by questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship status. In 2016, he’s gained attention by suggesting that undocumented immigrants from Mexico are largely rapists, and that certain Muslim groups shouldn’t be allowed into the U.S.

It’s sentiments like that that have spurred the creation of many anti-Trump websites, and games like PunchTrump.US

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