Waist Belt Trainer Helps to Stop That Running To Stand Still Feeling Claims Manufacturer

Tummy Trimmer Helps People Gain Confidence to Go Further

They say that ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ and when it comes to exercising and weight loss it is true that many people start the journey but never quite finish. The world today is a dichotomy of information about health and diet, sometimes leaving us with a feeling of not knowing which way to turn. And whether we start out on a journey to be better, eat right and lose a few pounds, it can often be hampered by initial setbacks that lead to us abandoning those good intentions that in the proverb end in the final ‘good works’.

One of the major contributing factors that can cause people to quit early is confidence. Unfortunately, the bodys’ metabolism can be a slow moving engine and results from initial effort can often only be seen in a delayed reaction. The initial spurt of optimism can be dampened by this lack of results and lead to, when combined with a lack of confidence, in the abandonment of the program and goals that were first envisioned at outset.

EzyFit, manufacturer and distributor of the Waist belt trimmer says that the waist belt trimmer is a great aid to getting over those first hurdles and giving you the confidence to not only keep going, but to exceed your expectations. A spokesperson for the company explained,

“I’m sure we have all experienced that feeling at one time or another. You start motivated wanting to get rid of a few inches or pounds and you put the work in for that first week expecting to see results. When it doesn’t happen to start to question whether you are doing the right things or eating the right foods and before you know it, you are slipping back into the old habits. It’s the ‘running to stand still’ syndrome that breaks 80% of peoples’ confidence in being able to keep going to the next stage.

The waist trimmer can help get you over that hurdle by giving you that added advantage, so that you see some small results of your efforts that little bit sooner. That is all most people need to keep going and by then the results get more tangible and you keep going.

The tummy trainer acts like a mobile sauna, helping you to use your own metabolism and either reduce the effort required or enhance the benefits of what you are doing. Whichever way you look at it, you get there sooner and it’s getting over that first confidence hill so to speak, that is the real benefit.”

The EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer is an eight inch wide belt that is wrapped firmly around the waist and held in place by a strong Velcro fastening strip. It is designed to fit all waist sizes up to and including 46 inches. The lightweight neoprene material once fitted in place will quietly go to work trapping your own internal body heat to work in your favor, allowing you to go about your daily routine, walk or workout whilst the belt does its job.

The long wide belt of Neoprene fits around the midriff to help support posture whilst exercising. While holding your posture, the belt also acts as a heat trap using your own bodys’ metabolism to create the so called, ‘sauna’ effect’, helping the user to metabolise fat that is then burnt off and so speeding up the desired results faster than would have been achieved without it.

A recent customer review commented,

“I have been using it for about a week & half and I am loving this belt. I’m very impressed. Easy to put on, just put it around your waist as tight as you want. The fabric is very stretchy. It’s Velcro at the end.My posture has been straighter so it has helped. I really like that I don’t look bulky when I wear it and go running in the track. Total plus!”

The EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited period the waist belt trimmer may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price).


EzyFit are manufacturer and distributor for the EzyFit Waist Belt Trimmer. The product may be found for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For further information please visit their website at www.ezyfit.me

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