Leading Brazilian Health Magazine Reviews Nova Repair, New Advanced Hair and Nail Product

Sao Paulo, Brazil – April 7, 2016 — Oleoo, a leading online health magazine in Brazil, proudly announces that it has just released a positive review of Nova Repair, an advanced hair and nail nutrition and repair product.

New Repair is a supplement consisting of vitamins, minerals, keratin and other all natural ingredients necessary to restore lost hair texture and fullness by replacing capillary deficiencies.  Taken orally daily, absorption of these valuable ingredients is rapid, complete and easy.

New Repair strengthens existing hair, dramatically reducing hair loss while stimulating hair follicles to encourage the growth of new hair.  Using New Repair women will experience stronger and shinier hair and healthier roots.  In addition to providing beautiful and healthier hair, New Repair’s ingredients also improve the health of nails, repairing weak and brittle nails.

A poor diet, a deficiency in the absorption of vitamins in the body, and other health problems not only affect the functioning of the body and quality of life, they also have a negative impact on the body’s beauty, including hair and nails.  The lack of necessary vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss, as well as dryness and brittleness of the hair.  It can also damage nails, leaving them weak and brittle.

Containing all natural ingredients including Vitamins A and E, biotin and selenium, the power of Nova Repair is concentrated to replace the deficiency of these substances that are necessary to ensure the quality and beauty of hair and nails. A healthy food supplement, it supplies essential vitamins and minerals back to the body, ensuring the health and strength of nails and hair.

Several clinical studies and published reports agree that the ingredients found in Nova Repair are known to improve the health of hair and nails.  Nova Repair’s 100% natural and completely safe ingredients increase capillary microcirculation, improving hair strength and overall hair health.  Selenium and biotin encourage the healthy growth of new hair.

All women want to have beautiful, shiny and healthy hair.  However many do not have the time to devote to proper hair care.  By taking a single Nova Repair tablet once per day, within weeks any woman will notice a considerable improvement in the texture and softness of her hair and improved strength of her nails.

To learn more about the Nova Repair hair products, please visit http://www.oleoo.com.br/nova-repair-resenha/.  For more information about Oleoo, please visit its website

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