Cash Advances for Small Businesses are now Even Easier to Secure With Merchant Advance Express

Merchant Advance Express, a leading cash advance company dedicated to helping small businesses grow, has made securing cash advances even easier for qualifying businesses.  The company’s fast and flexible small business loans are available when needed.  Unlike banks that can take weeks to approve financing, Merchant Advance Express can approve an application and deliver funds in only minutes.

Applying for a cash advance with Merchant Advance Express is fast and simple.  Creating an account is free and only takes minutes.  Every application is reviewed based on real-life information, not just a credit score.  Once approved clients have immediate, on-line access to their business line of credit and can start growing their business right away.  There are no fees until the line of credit has been used. 

At Merchant Advance Express, small businesses can apply, qualify and get cash instantly with:

  • Safe and secure on-line access to accounts
  • No application fees
  • No obligation until cash is withdrawn
  • Ongoing access to accounts and cash anytime, anywhere

Merchant Advance Express offers an exceptional and accessible option for small businesses that need ongoing access to working capital.  The company provides 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access to accounts and funds.  Businesses can draw against their line of credit once per day, paying only for what is taken.  With business credit lines up to $100,000, businesses can access needed capital to fuel expansion and growth by:

  • Buying inventory
  • Investing in equipment
  • Building a website for ecommerce
  • Hiring staff
  • Meeting any other business need

Serving clients across a wide range of industries, Merchant Advance Express is committed to helping small companies expand their business.  From transportation companies to retail businesses, medical offices, restaurants and night clubs, hotels and motels, construction companies, wholesalers and distributors, and many more, Merchant Advance Express partners with companies to fuel their growth.

To find inquire about a small business loan or to learn more about Merchant Advance Express, please visit its website at, email, or call +1-855-633-7056.

About Merchant Advance Express

Merchant Advance Express is a premier provider of unsecured cash advances to small businesses that are unable to receive business funds through conventional lending institutions to finance the growth of their business.

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