Unreleased Pro Version of Video Download Protect Software Defa Protector Now Available for Potential Investors

Ampare Engine made it to the headlines a few months ago for their breakthrough video downloading protecting technology – Defa Protector. The company recently announced that the rights pro version can now be purchased by interested investors through bidding.

Defa Protector, a software product that has helped thousands of people to thwart attempts of unauthorized video download from their websites, was recently redeveloped as the developers at Ampare Engine, the multifarious corporation that has designed the software, wanted to add more useful features to the software program. Juthawong Naisanguansee, the CEO and managing director of Ampare Engine recently announced that the license and the rights to the software program are now open and anybody ready to invest in futuristic technologies can bid for the software product’s license and copyrights.

Naisanguansee added that the new owner of the software product will have complete right in the software and full share of Ampare Engine’s profits derived from selling the product to third-party websites, business entities or individuals. He also claimed that the Defa Protector Version 7.0 is indeed the latest version of the software product and that this new version has never been released. He also added that the developers working with Ampare Engine has used a different algorithm in the software product and it is now at least three times faster than all the previous versions when it comes to video loading time.

“We look forward to getting positive response from potential investors from all over the world. We are by capacity and employee strength no big corporation. We are a small technology company with an extremely talented team but we want some serious investor to administer and sell such a revolutionary software program instead of us because we are short of time and other resources for doing that perfectly. The estimated market value of this software product is more than 10 million USD and we believe the investor who will buy the rights would become the next billionaire,” Naisanguansee said during a press conference held at downtown Bangkok. He also said that Defa Protector is to date the most lightweight, most secure and most compatible video download protection technology in the world.

About the Company

Defa Protector is a software product designed and developed by Juthawong Naisanguansee and his Bangkok, Thailand based company Ampare Engine.

To know more, visit http://www.juthawong.com/

Bids are open and can be sent to sales@juthawong.com

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