Great Demand Foreseen for Physiotherapy, says Dr. Jelena

Physiotherapy and Laser Therapy in Etobicoke
The relevance of physiotherapy is slowly being recognised everywhere amongst patients, thanks to its tremendous healing power.

Toronto, Ontario – April 7, 2016 – Pains – small & large – have been conquering people with no discerning age, for several years now. Physiotherapy has helped patients get back on their feet at the earliest time possible. Dr. Jelena Guscic of Sherway Physiotherapy & Laser Therapy explains how they have been successfully offering physiotherapy in Etobicoke & clarifies that the future is bright for the treatment.

“Our Etobicoke physiotherapy services are very much client centered, with each case treated with a customized plan. We use our training and practical experiences alongside up-to-date scientific evidences in order to analyse the injuries and conditions of our patients, so that quick and effective solutions can be provided,” reports Jelena.

Sherway Physiotherapy & Laser Therapy is one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Etobicoke that has been appreciated for the effectiveness of their therapies in reducing pain and restoring mobility. They take pride in their reputation as a caring facility concerned with the long-term health and wellness of their patients. They are the winner of the prestigious patient’s choice awards in Physiotherapy in 2014.

Jelena expressed, “With lot of innovations on board, physiotherapy has been evolving.  Having proven results of healing most body pains, the demand of physiotherapy seems only to rise. Physiotherapy, in certain cases avoids the need for surgery & prescription drugs while improving mobility and motion. On that note, physiotherapy is destined to take new heights in the future.”

Their methods include the use of diagnostic and assessment procedures and specialised tools & therapies to help patients return to normal living as quickly as possible. Their main modality to overcome pain is Bioflex laser system, which is used worldwide and is highly effective.

Apart from providing effective treatment, they also educate patients on staying healthy and leading a pain-free life. Jelena also adds, “Our ultimate priority is to promote optimal mobility for each patient, but we also extend our care to enhance their overall health and wellness, and work to keep injuries from re-occurring by teaching clients how to maintain a pain free body. Getting tips on how to manage acute and chronic conditions is very important! We strive to educate our patients as well as provide effective treatment.”

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Sherway Physiotherapy & Laser Therapy provides physiotherapy, laser therapy and other advanced treatment methodologies at prices that everyone can afford. Their dedicated professionals deliver treatments in a pleasant environment.


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