New Toronto Dispensary taking city by storm

Michigan, USA – In the last 6-12 months, the rate of new medical marijuana dispensaries opening up in the Greater Toronto Area has spiked significantly. Peppered throughout the city from the east to the west is new dispensaries offering varying degrees of quality products, customer service and legal adherence.

Some are now describing as the “wild west” of Toronto’s medical marijuana community, with good reason. There is a great deal of legal and economic uncertainty with the medical marijuana community in Toronto and Canada as a whole that have contributed to varying degree’s of legal compliance. Some marijuana dispensaries offer “Doctor Consultations” that are little more than having a registered massage therapist talk to you about joint and muscle pain.

Some are breaking the prescription medication advertising legal constraints by advertising on billboards or Facebook (if Facebook actually approves the ads). The guidelines for obtaining medicinal marijuana in Canada are very clear:

1. You need a Doctor’s note with your name, DOB, ailment or injury and Doctor’s contact information (for verification)
2. Valid government issue photo ID
3. Be over the age of 18
4. Personal MMAR / MMPR form, medicine label or card

Not all dispensaries are following these restrictions closely namely because penalties, enforcement and and oversight are completely lax. Will it happen eventually? Yes. Definitely. What will happen though is anyone’s guess.

Many are expecting the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) to take the reins of distribution, compliance and oversight, much like they have done for alcohol sales for the better part of the last 60-70 years.

What is desperately needed in Toronto, and something that many dispensaries are missing, is to have customer service, business acumen and quality products at the forefront of any dispensary. This is something even the LCBO will miss if and when they take over the Ontario marketplace for medical marijuana.

Enter Canna Boss. This west Toronto dispensary that recently opened its first store on 1684 Queen Street West has, from day 1, offered level of service, expertise and quality of product with a direct farmer-to-distribution model that many dispensaries are unable to obtain. This means that the cost savings can be passed directly to the consumer with ease.

This marijuana dispensary has been growing significantly in popularity. With a Leafly review count of 50 reviews of 4.7/5 and counting, its simple to see that Canna Boss is doing something that many others aren’t.

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