Shared Universe Ventures Ltd, seeks immediate $170,000 Dollars from New Investors to Prevent Culling of Family of 5 South African Elephants on April 30th 2016

Curaçao, Caribbean, April 8th, 2016: Shared Universe Ventures Ltd (BVI company, registration no. 1811442) has today issued a pressing appeal to attract fast acting investors to help halt the culling of a family of 5 elephants in South Africa at the end of next month.

The circumstances surrounding the plight of the elephants has been outlined today. Right now, the elephants are in a private reserve where their needs can no longer be met. Shared Universe Ventures’ extensive custom reserve facilities can adopt all 5 animals for free, on condition that it can fund the enormous transportation and fencing costs US$30,000 is needed to transport the elephants from their current location. A further US$140,000 is required to fence 37 kilometers of land to meet standards to protect the family.

Quinten Knipping, Shared Universe Ventures Ltd Board Member and conservationist, said, “We know our deadline and we have until the 30th of April (2016) to liberate these elegant animals from their death sentence. The preparation expenditures are enormous, especially on the fencing front to meet established Big 5 game codes so the family can live out their lives in a protected safe haven. This is literally a labor of love.”

What’s available to investors is a unique opportunity to own an exclusive part of South Africa dedicated to the conservation of endangered animals, including Big 5 game. These new shareholders can then avail of staying in the luxury 4-star Mopane Bush Lodge at the reserve and enjoy the possibility of building a home on the land. Every aspect of activities from a management and operational perspective at the Shared Universe Ventures / Mapesu Private Game Reserve is focused on legacy and creating a bright future for the animals and everybody associated with it.

The unfortunate death of the cherished Cecil the lion last year is still fresh in the minds of people across the world. Cecil’s memory is honored through important initiatives and plans similar to what Shared Universe Ventures are working towards.Investors can become part of something much greater. These projects include the construction of a much needed orphanage for vulnerable rhino calves, a milk-for-rhinos scheme, mobilizing a dedicated rhino ambulance service that can also accommodate elephants and a critical care animal medical center. Down the road, the reserve intends to install an airstrip to cut the current 6 hour / 550 kilometer drive for investors from Johannesburg in a standard car. An investment of $10,000 per share buys hope for the animals and their habitat and ultimately jobs for local families. At almost 18,000 acres with opportunities for further growth, this is the biggest private farm in the Limpopo Valley region.

Quinten Knipping, commented that, “The mission of the venture is to fundamentally safeguard elephants, rhinos and other endangered wildlife. We also wish to shift how the world sees endangered animals in South Africa through our education programs. Since we were established in February 2014, we’ve attracted investors from 8 countries on 5 Continents including South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, The Netherlands and Argentina. But we desperately need new investors with like minds. We literally can’t afford for people to sit on the fence as the animals have a death sentence. We have one chance and the countdown in underway. This family of animals needs decision makers – now. Will you help this family of 5 defenseless elephants?”


In South Africa 1,215 rhinos were poached in 2014 and 1175 for 2015 according to South African Department of Environmental Affairs (2016).
According to the Convention on the Trade of Endangered Species, which collects the data, over 20,000 elephants were killed for ivory in 2015.

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Shared Universe Ventures Ltd. (BVI company registration no. 1811442) was founded on February 14th 2014.

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