Onsite new search solution ZoomD raises $7 million from Private Investors

ZoomD is happy to announce that it has successfully raised a funding of $7 million in total from investors, through a series of fundraisings. The Start Up provides smart on-site search for publishers and other websites so that they can offer a more effective search experience for their audience.

Providing a better search experience to the users visiting the website also increases the chance of converting them into customers.

Amit Bohensky, ZoomD’s CEO and Founder, is a serial entrepreneur https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amit_Bohensky says that “the on-site search is an opportunity neglected by publishers to connect to their users and to cleverly engage them based on their explicit intent, expressed in the most direct way through the site’s “wishing well” – the search box!”

 ZoomD’s on-site search option works by predicting the user’s next intent when they are searching a website, which in turn provides them better search results and generates more clicks.  It provides users a better search preview through which they can decide whether a certain page fits their intention or not. Using the seamless cloud-based proprietary platform and patented technology, ZoomD indexes the whole website in few minutes by using its NLP and Machine Learning algorithms, and makes the search experience convenient for the user.

The ZoomD platform allows the user to view relevant information and ads while also help the businesses by displaying whole content of the site. The platform also allows the advertisers to access premium users by running online campaigns across all kinds of device. It helps the advertisers to connect with a wider audience to promote their brand and engage more customers.

ZoomD offers a win-win platform for both users and the marketers by offering easy search options to the users and making the publisher’s content more accessible to them. It contributes in improving the website’s monetization efforts as well as the user-experience.

ZoomD already has many happy clients ranging from small sites with 10k of page views per day to medium and large sites having millions of views.

Nick DeLorenzo, Director of New Media Technology at Civitas Media says “Implementing ZoomD simultaneously improved user experience on our sites, added a new and previously untapped revenue stream, and most importantly, gave us valued perspective on what our audience is interested in.” 

Media Contact
Company Name: ZoomD Ltd
Contact Person: Sigal Srur
Email: sigal.srur@zoomd.com
Phone: 972 542222740
Country: Israel
Website: www.zoomd.com