Visibility is Key Factor to Health Claims Reflective Vest Manufacturer Active Arlo

Lack of Visibility When Out Exercising Can Be Dangerous to Staying Healthy

Easter has gone, spring has arrived and summer is finally on its way. As nights get lighter we are using the extra hours of daylight to get outdoors and start to put a little effort into exercising the winter pounds away in readiness for T-shirt and shorts weather. This might be in the form of running, cycling or maybe just taking the 30 minute walk everyday that professionals, like the CDC claim will reduce the chance of heart disease by up to 50%. Whatever the level or form this exercise may take, reflective vest manufacturer Active Arlo today advised would-be exercisers to take caution and be aware that lack of visibility on roads and in neighbourhoods during twilight hours can be as dangerous to your health  as not exercising at all.

A spokesperson explained, “We want to see as many people get out and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. It is achievable for everyone and the health benefits are enormous. It doesn’t matter what form this might take or the level you think you are at. Just a walk around your neighbourhood is as good a place to start as any, whether it is walking a dog, or just taking a brisk stroll. The message we want to get across is safety when exercising. Visibility is a key factor in the prevention of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles and reducing this risk is a top priority because the pedestrian, cyclist or runner is never the winner.

Active Arlo manufacture and distribute a multi-use adjustable reflective vest for visibility when you are out walking, cycling or running and need to be visible outdoors where there is traffic around. The reflective vest consists of two 2 inch wide over the shoulder reflective strips of a reflective elasticated material and a wide adjustable belt. There are four adjustable straps so that the vest is able to fit sizes 26-40 inch waist sizes and the over the shoulder straps can be adjusted to accommodate most heights comfortably.

The spokesperson continued, “Our message today is all about safety when exercising and encouraging people to get out into the lighter evenings and take that walk for 30 minutes to keep themselves healthy. Recently one our customers gave us a review on Amazon that summed it all up.”

“Safety first, never last. Have a future, not a past.

It’s a toss up between who likes this reflective vest more: my dogs or me. There’s no street lights or sidewalks where we live, so it’s completely dangerous to not wear reflective gear on early morning or after-dark walks with the pups. This reflective vest (really more reflective straps) is durable and does the trick. Must-have for dog owners, runners, walkers and bikers.

1. It truly reflects light well so it accomplishes its main function of helping to keep me safe.
2. One size fits all. There are plenty of adjustments so it fits over a puffy winter coat or a summer outfit.
3. It rolls up easily and is very compact. Keep it in a small bike bag, drawer or even your pocket.

The Active Arlo Reflective Vest is currently for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time the vest is available at a substantial discount to its RRP,(recommended retail price)


Active Arlo are manufacturers and distributors of personal safety attire to include the Active Arlo Reflective Vest for running, jogging, walking the dog, bicycle riding, motorcycle riding or working in proximity to vehicles where visibility is a safety factor. For more information please visit

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