Fifty-Year-Old Farm Girl With A Body Half Her Age, Becomes An Internet Sensation

There is a new moon on the internet horizon. It is the internet sensation known as “Farm Girl” from “Banshee Moon”… “Banshee Moon Farm” that is. Farm Girl is a 50-year-old mom-of-two who has quickly become a big success on YouTube with her channel harvesting over $100,000 a year! Her videos cover everything from a comical how-to on learning to play guitar and pulling a tractor uphill by rope, to how to make gluten free bread.

Wilmington, North Carolina,8th April 2016: This is one woman who has proven age is just a number and is inspiring millions who don’t want to believe that life ends at 40, let alone 50!  Her sexy videos and infectious laughter have generated millions of views of her hundreds of videos and gained her celebrity status on YouTube. Farm Girl is the proud mother of two adult children who she says fully support her endeavors.


Farm Girl Jen has men all around the world weak in the knees with her comedy, real life and how-to videos. The YouTube sensation, whose channel  has become one of the most popular on YouTube of late, has turned wearing a Bikini into a spectacular income and is on record as earning  over $100,000 a year. She has been responsible for bringing smiles to millions of men while she has millions of women wanting to know her secrets to staying young and fit at half a century of age. ”A  lot of my life happens to be on YouTube”,  the sturdy Farm Girls says,  “It’s really just a channel that shows me living life,  having fun and doing the things that I love to do while staying as fit and as young as I can for as long as I can!”. She lets loose her signature carefree laugh.


Farm Girl who launched her flirty Banshee Moon channel amidst a sea of internet porn is enjoying smooth sailing without bearing it all. “She is a strong influence for bringing back the kind of innocent sensuality seen in the days of  Vargas pin-ups.”, says husband of 30 years and partner, Jay AKA Exoman, as he is known on HIS YouTube channel.  What she exposes of her body has more of a beach or fitness spin, while being only mildly risque. With the positive comments she has received and the nearly 100,000 subscribers as well as throngs of followers on other social media, she has certainly achieved her mission. Her videos include playing on the river in her boat, igniting bonfires with flaming arrows, cutting down large trees on her property with a very large chainsaw, and expertly throwing a large ax into a tree stump, etc.  Nearly all the videos see Farm Girl Jen wearing a bikini or lingerie, leaving men struggling to concentrate on what the Farm Girl is doing or saying.


Farm Girl Jen, who said it’s important to stay fit to keep looking young, has shared some of her secrets. She shows how men and women can use everyday items to keep fit. Some of her videos see Farm Girl Jen showing her strength with her workouts, which includes using a tractor as an exercise tool.  Farm Girl says, “If I can make a few people smile while watching my videos, I’ve done my job! I love when people comment and tell me that I’ve made their day brighter.”


To see Farm Girl Jen in action and to see why she has become an Internet sensation, please watch the video here:

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