New Skincare Brand Evighet Exposes Shady Industry Practices, Aims to Overtake Market Leader Shiseido

Most skincare products are not what they seem to be!

April 8, 2016, Singapore: Up and rising skincare brand Evighet has boldly announced its intention to surpass Japan skincare and beauty giant Shiseido. Commenting on the incredulous marketing gimmicks by some of the industry’s biggest players, Evighet Chief Marketing Officer, Teddy Tham, has labelled such tactics ‘unrealistic’ and ‘borderline deceptive’.

Said Teddy, on the topic of marketing, “Many brands out there are making bold claims, but how many of them actually deliver what they promise? The truth is, many of those products are merely selling dreams. The smarter ones, they use the feel good factor.” Illustrating what he meant by ‘feel good factor, “Yes, sometimes you see results, enjoy the texture, or even feel the tightness in your skin, but is that really a long term solution? To put it more bluntly, applying glue on your face will probably get you the same results, though that may not necessarily be bad for health. Is that what the consumer wants in the long run?”

He then went on to expose some of the lesser known and hushed down tactics of his industry, “You see products everywhere claiming immediate results, breakthrough technology, made in Switzerland, Japan technology etc. Truth is, it’s really not that hard to play around with this information. A manufacturer might have gotten his or her ingredients in Switzerland but had them packaged in an overseas less than sterile environment. Still, he or she claims the product to be ‘Made in Switzerland’ with ‘Breakthrough Japanese technology’. Is that considered false advertising?”

While there are guidelines when it comes to such matters, they are hard to enforce because of the sheer number of products circulating the market. It is not all doom and gloom, however, as pointed out by Evighet; there still are products that are of great quality and whose vendors genuinely want the best for their customers. Time will eventually expose the ones that are of little or no substances. It is after all the consumer’s experience that determines the longevity of a product’s usage.

Asked whether they too are jumping on the bandwagon of claiming stupendous results, Teddy has this to say, “Ultimately, our focus is to deliver products that are 100% safe and truly good for the skin, both long term and short. As much as possible, we try to tackle the root of skincare problems that our customers face. Yes, we use bold and loud words in our marketing materials. We use shocking images. That is what’s marketing all about. What we don’t do, however, is over promising consumers on what our products can do. We do not play around with the information. We present our products as they are. Some of our products may be made in Singapore with Singapore technologies. We think it is okay. We are actually real proud of it. I do not think we’ll lose to the Swiss or Japanese in this aspect.”

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About Evighet
Evighet Skincare is an up and rising Skincare Company whose motto is to deliver products that are 100% safe and genuinely beneficial for the skin. Evighet’s products aim to tackle skincare problems at its source, with a long term approach in helping customers realising their beauty goals.

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