Erasmo Pagano Women Flat Shoes Now Introduced as a Kickstarter Project

The Erasmo Pagano Women Flat Shoes are now introduced as a Kickstarter project for the guaranteed satisfaction of the people.

The aim of the company is to increase the awareness of the consumers to this stylish collection inspired by the scenery and nature in Venezuela.

With this Autumn-Winter 2016 collection, it mainly consists of more than one-hundred models in different sizes. Apart from it, these are also available in their promotional prices as introduced in this kickstarter campaign. And from the newly-released website of the company, this new and beautiful collection can be viewed by all interested buyers.

The assorted samples of the new AW216 Collection include of the Parada di Cera, Acarigua Lights, Daring Medanos, Orinoco del Venti, Tempting Warao, Paria Audace, Galring Tepur-Sparkling Blue, Glaring Tepui (Electric Copper), Paria Audace-Hive Pattern, Paria Audace-Black Flowers Pattern, Mochima Specchio-Bright Gold, Mochima Specchio-Silver, Erasmo Pagano Trim-Silver or Gold.

The company is actually composed of producers and designers of comfortable leather-inspired women flat type of shoes. They also have spent their one decade of experience in the industry. They manufacture loafers, sneakers, ballerinas, espadrilles, oxford style shoes and wedges in various combinations, materials and colors.

The most unique feature of the collection is the combined patterns and textures and the use of hand-made accessory types in several models. At the present time, they are outsourcing the manufacturing procedure to various factories located in Portugal. Even a partner from Portugal has been identified to setup the manufacturing facility. And, the setup of the factory site has already been established for the success of the kickstarter project.

They are now on their journey of raising their funds to complete the machineries required. This way, enough funding is provided as part of the initial working capital. Due to the strong production capability of the company, they are expected to meet the the demands of all online and retail customers.

Through the newly-established factory, they can further improve the response time among their valued clients. They can also best manage the inventories of lower completed products. They can also produce bigger orders from their distributors and agents.

It is expected that more people will be interested to support and help turn this one dream into such a reality. And from the AW216 Collection, clients can enjoy the rewards from any of the models found in the website.


If you are interested to know more about the Kickstarter project, feel free to visit this link

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Company Name: Erasmo Pagano
Contact Person: Patricia Araujo
Address:St. Olav’s Court Lower Rd., Unit 23 London SE16 2XB United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom