Kickstarter Campaign: Custom Casket by Design

Joe Formuso has launched a kickstarter campaign in relation to his custom casket. Joe believes that moment like this must be cherish for a lifetime even the memorial service is over. Customizing a casket is only the start of people’s experience. Joe could make a stunning piece for the hunter, eccentric, conservative, the doctor and the conservative type.

Funerals are never easy to plan.  When one member of the family passed on without making their own funeral picks and plans ahead of time, rest of the family will need to make the selections for them.  They want something that will best suit his or her personal needs as much as grieving, as well as trying to make the type of environment the deceased would have wished for him or herself.

Sometimes it is extremely hard to make choices when one have just lost someone. This is particularly true when one lose someone who never spoken his or her wishes about a funeral. Like for instance: a child or somebody who pass on when he or she is fairly young, or perhaps somebody who passes on suddenly and unpredictably poses a certain test to those left behind. However the way people treat their dead is socially important to a lot of people. It is normal to feel as though a memorial accomplishes a firm sort of closure a lot of people seem to want when facing death. The ritual of a viewing, memorial ceremony as well as subsequent burial is often a vital part to those who are suffering grief and loss.

The idea came to Joe three years ago while he is going to see a loved one at a memorial home. The family of the deceased had laid his most loved hockey jersey over his casket to jog memory. The deceased was a big fanatic of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Joe want to bring that same reminder to everyone’s life, though in the end, by means of covering their coffer with an image of the deceased passions, hobbies, most  favorite things like toys, shirts,  and special moments in their life. No matter what that will be leaving a long-lasting memory in the minds of those they knew and loved during the course of their life.

“We all have loved ones, and in these last couple of years I have lost some childhood friends of more than 30 years. I wish I could have draped their caskets in their life’s passions and urges; something that would have left a long lasting memory everyone’s minds, for their loved ones and for the friends that knew and loved them. This will remind family members and their friends at the honoring that it’s a time of celebration of life; the life they lived and loved, and not always about the grief and sorrow, even though the sorrow will always be in their hearts. I believe our story begins with an image that can last a lifetime even after the funeral is over. Paying tribute with lasting images aids tell a story about the one that has passed”

Help support Joe’s project and make his objective of making customize casket come true and at the same time win exclusive fabulous freebees. There are lots of rewards to choose, all depends on the amount being pledge.

Pledge now and have the chance to get exciting freebees. Pledge 50 dollars or more and get screwdriver, Pen and Keychain Light Set. Set consist of Screwdriver Pen and 5 LED Keychain and flashlight, estimated delivery will be on May 2016. Pledge $100 or more for 5 backers. It is limited and as of now 295 left of 300. Pledge now to avail $1000 off the purchase amount of the customized casket that worth five thousand. Pledge $500 or more. This is also limited as of now 199 left of 200. The first 200 backers that pledge $500 will obtain a fully customized casket worth over $5000. Estimated delivery is Sep 2016. On the other hand ships is only limited to certain countries.

About Joe Formuso

Joe Formuso, is proud father of three beautiful offspring and a faithful husband for seventeen years. He is recently the owner of Custom Caskets by Design. Joe is expert in creating customized, affordable, personal, and on time casket. Joe believe the people’s story starts with an image that could last a lifetime even after the memorial service is over.

This risk and challenge of this project is not receiving the projected amount of backing and being incapable to launch the project.

Visit or email at for queries and questions. 

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