Interactive catalog creator Flip Builder enhances online shopping experience

“Create interactive catalog”
Catalog creator Flip Builder turns static PDFs into interactive catalog with online shopping experience.

Online catalog shopping should not be a boring experience, like flipping the pages of a print catalog. It should be an enhanced shopping experience with an interactive catalog.

FlipBuilder is doing just that. Alice Lee, marketing director for FlipBuilder, said the program turns static images into an exciting multi-media experience.

“With FlipBuilder, you take your catalog and you can embed Flash, video, audio and links. Imagine having a motorcycle parts catalog. Instead of your customer just wondering what the parts will do for a bike’s performance, he can open a video to see that on a running bike,” she said.

The website,, offers examples of catalogs, magazines and promotional brochures that were creatively enhanced with this program.

“It’s one thing to see pictures of a beachside villa. With FlipBuilder, you can create a short virtual tour of the villa. Your potential customers can get a much better idea of what they will book for their next vacation,” Ms. Lee said.

FlipBuilder works with any PDF file, which means that it can work on any computer system, including tablets and smartphones. The computer only needs to have Adobe Flash installed.

“As the online shopping becomes more and more popular, the online catalog plays an important role in marketing. Flip PDF, the interactive catalog creator, can help marketers create the digital catalog with e-commerce elements, which would allow customers to buy without leaving the page.” Ms. Lee said.

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