Pembroke & Nash Report Surge In New Sash Window Installations In Brighton

Brighton, United Kingdom There’s no denying that England has many picturesque towns and cities. One of the most beautiful parts of the south coast is, without a doubt, the East Sussex town of Brighton.

Millions of people flock to the quaint seaside town each year to enjoy its splendour and beauty. And increasing amounts of individuals and families make Brighton their new home. An attractive feature of any home in the town are the windows, believe it or not.

The reason for that interesting fact is simple. More residents of the seaside town are upgrading to newer timber sash windows!

One local company, Pembroke & Nash, has reported a surge in the sale of sash windows in Brighton. The firm claims that homeowners wish to modernise their homes. But, they also want to stick with traditional styling at the same time.

Why sash windows?

Brighton has seen many new developments in recent years. Still, the majority of properties in the area date back to Victorian times and earlier. Many homes in the town have traditional sash windows.

Even those that don’t have “listed status” homes prefer to stick with sash windows. They add to the character and style of their properties. Plus, they also help to keep their property values high.

Double glazed sash windows

Some people assume that sash windows are seldom used. Judging by the rise of new installations and upgrades in Brighton, that is not the case. Others even think that these types of windows are draughty and not very secure. But, nothing could get further from the truth!

Today’s sash windows have evolved. One notable improvement to the modern units built today is the fact they offer double glazing. Such a move has made them more energy efficient, just like with standard UPVC windows.

The benefit of double glazed sash windows is one can enjoy the best of both worlds. They get to retain the traditional styling of their original windows. But, they can also keep their heating costs down due to the superior insulation offered.

Bespoke sash windows

Another advantage of today’s modern sash windows is the fact they are unique. With conventional UPVC windows, they are only available in set widths and heights. People that opt for modern sash window installations can get them custom-made. It doesn’t matter if one window is a bit wider or taller than the other, for example.

Residents of Brighton are seeing the benefits of getting modern sash windows installed. They no longer have to adapt their home to suit new windows. Instead, the sash windows get manufactured to be a perfect fit to each frame!

About Pembroke & Nash

One of Brighton and London’s best-known purveyor of sash windows. Pembroke & Nash supply, fit and repair sash windows. They are also experts at fitting sash windows to listed buildings.

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