Rock and Olive To Take Independent Fashion Designers To The Market

08 Apr, 2016 – With 6 designers already signed up it looks like an auspicious to the latest fashion marketplace to grace our screens – With a focus on Fashion and the Mediterranean Lifestyle at this early stage they have entered a competitive market and hope to use an enthusiastic team of writers and strategists to produce some stand-out content. Stories and articles that will engage customers and readers alike.

The team is based in Malta and has chosen to engage with mainly designers based in the Southern Europe in the beginning allowing them some direct interaction to develop the approach for future partners throughout Europe. One of the first was local artist Carla Grima who launched her first collection in mid-2014 after being inspired by a trip to India a couple of years prior to this. Her first pieces were Kaftans and they still make up an element of her current inventory – of which each element is unique. It now includes both a Summer and Winter Collection that perfectly fits in with the Mediterranean feel that inspire rock&olive to begin this curation.

What makes this site stand-out is their approach to many ambitious designers. Research has shown that early stage designers often lack support and knowledge once faced with a barrage of competition. Rock&olive looks to build a community of designers that value collaboration versus competition by offering assistance and open dialogue on any facet of their business. The designers have been brought together to be assisted with any element of marketing, sales, shipping or return process. It has also allowed some collaborations to form where designers work with each other to create complementary pieces, boosting customer base and transactions. Whilst similar sites exist in this market, with some being run by some major brands, it is hoped that the depth of relationships between the designers themselves and their clients will lead to a more social based marketplace.

The team of rock&olive is headed by 2 entrepreneurs and a team of up to 25 aspiring digital gurus. This is a unique approach to an online business as the interns are part of a digital marketing course with this site being one of their projects. The early groups were involved in establishing the business and visiting some of the designers, such as Yana Azzopardi or Saz Mifsud, who helped them to understand the issues that they faced.

This is the first project spearheaded by Now Digital Academy and we’ll keep you updated with their progress. It’s a very competitive sector, but it would appear that they like to throw themselves into the tougher, more lucrative markets.

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