JGRobo Marketing Inc revolutionizes inbound call center and online marketing with intelligent, “self-healing” system

JGRobo Marketing, Inc., an automated lead processing and analytics company, today announced that its cutting edge “Lead Healing” service is ready for the call center and online marketing industries. 

 JGRobo Marketing

The service builds upon the over a million lines of proprietary code that make up the JGRobo Lead Automation Management System (JGRobo LAMS).  As part of the LAMS, JGRobo Marketing, Inc.’s “Lead Healing” service intelligently converts otherwise non-contactable leads into valid leads.

“Lead Healing is a revolutionary game-changer in the call center and lead marketing industries, particularly when they have seen year upon year of declining data validity,” explained CEO and Founder of JGRobo Marketing, Inc., Joshua Alexander.

“Simply, we are the most affordable, easiest, and quickest means for any lead-dependent business to turn their invalid lead data into a real life contact — resulting in lead validity improvements of upwards of forty-five percent,” he continues.

Initially supporting only Infusionsoft, the LAMS service has grown to include integrations with Salesforce, GreenRope, ONTRAPORT, and several other CRM systems.  Custom integrations are also possible.

“As a robust, scalable system that we have developed completely in-house, we also have the flexibility to integrate LAMS technology with virtually any CRM, marketing funnel system, or e-mail marketing platform used by lead marketers,” adds Reece Sellin, Senior Software Developer at JGRobo Marketing, Inc.

“With the addition of Lead Healing technology to the LAMS platform and our other call center technologies, we are also significantly improving the ability of inbound call centers to better serve their clients by offering far more accurate lead capture,” he continues.

The power of the LAMS system is their “Instant Lead Notification” and their recently added “Lead Healing” service. The combination of these services provide a powerful jolt to any marketers bottom line.

Lead Healing operates at several points in the lead capture process, helping to both prevent errors before they are entered into CRMs and other marketing systems, and working to correct residual incorrect phone, physical mail, and most importantly, e-mail data.

Email remains one of the most effective marketing methods, which is why over 80 billion marketing emails per year are sent worldwide.  According to a recent study by Digital Marketer that analyzed over 18 billion e-mail interactions, nearly 40% of emails were invalid in 2015. Normally, this would be a total lead loss, but with JGRobo Marketing’s “Lead Healing” the majority of these emails can be fixed.

Lead Healing works in combination with “Instant Lead Notification” and an SMS Reminder Feature. Instant Lead Notification allows your potential contact to be notified if they submit invalid email, phone number, or physical address on a web form. Therefore increasing the likelihood of valid lead data by accidental typos. The SMS Reminder Feature is if a contact has a valid cell number and an invalid email, LAMS will send out a txtmsg asking the contact to update their own email address. Thus allowing your own contact to update their own information.

Along with Lead Healing and Instant Lead Notification, LAMS offers strong daily, and weekly analytic reporting of all leads. This includes full lead contact data (first name, last name, email, phone, city, state, zip, etc.), lead source (T.V, Landing Page, Social Networking, etc.) lead validity (Valid email/phone, Invalid email/phone, etc.) and many other customizable fields. Reporting can be done on a nightly basis, and/or weekly basis upon request.

“It’s kind of mind blowing that there just aren’t any other services out there that try to increase lead validity. I’ve been in the marketing field for 21 years, and if I had this kind of service 10 years ago I’d be a millionaire ten times over,” CEO and Founder of JGRobo Marketing Inc. Joshua Alexander.

So far the reception of JGRobo Marketing Inc. has been happily embraced by numerous companies. Daniel Evans, Owner of DevansWood Realty said, “I would have lost a contact who purchased a home at $850,000 because of bad email and phone number. Instead of losing up to $12,000 in commissions on this single sale, I put it right back into my pocket! That is what I call a home run.” Owner of Bullard’s Irrigation said, “I receive quit a lot of contacts for my free inquiry lawn service. Over 50% of my contacts were invalid, that was until I got with JGRobo. It’s amazing to see the increase in valid lead data after I started using their service. I know for a fact, at least 10 people have turned into steady customers over the last few months because of JGRobo’s lead service.”

About JGRobo Marketing, Inc.

Joshua Alexander, has worked with thousands of internet marketers and businesses and has learned from experience that there was a need of increasing lead validity and founded JGRobo Marketing, Inc. JGRobo Marketing’s mission is to create an efficient way for all businesses to increase their valid lead data in a cost effective way. With over a million lines of proprietary code, JGRobo Marketing Inc’s Lead Automation Management System is the best solution for anyone who believes that leads are the lifeblood of their business.

For more information visit http://jgrobomarketing.com/why-lams/

JGRobo Marketing

JGRobo Marketing

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