Untold News’ pioneering ad campaign intrigues Americans with Israeli ingenuity: one invention at a time

Israel Is On It.

Today sees  the  millennial launch of Israel Is On It (israelisonit.com) , a national media campaign to raise awareness of Israel’s many valuable contributions to the world, especially in the areas of science, medicine, technology and the environment.

Created by two former Ad Executives   

Marvin Waldman, once Young and Rubicam’s Executive Creative Director teamed up with Marcella Rosen, former N. W. Ayer’s Director of Media Worldwide and Founder of Untold News, to create the campaign.  

Like a knuckleballer…

The ads pitch to you from an unexpected direction. They strike with one idea that has direct relevance to your life: an invention that makes you think “Wow. This could make me healthier, safer, more efficient, happier.”

Millennials, listen up!

Israel Is On It wants to attract young people who have no clue that their cell phones and flash drives are Israeli, that an Israeli may well cure cancer, that Israel’s drip irrigation process feeds millions worldwide, or that an Israeli created an exoskeleton that helps the disabled to walk again.

Provocative headlines include:

  • How to Read a Terrorist’s Face: thwarting airport attacks

  • How to Drink Seawater:  via desalination, helping to solve world drought

  • How to Hack A Hacker: and keep your electronic data safe

  • How to turn chemotherapy into a sharpshooter: and kill the bad cells dead

  • How to breathe like a fish: via a device that spins oxygen out of water

  • How to stay alive in a hospital: using anti-bacterial fabrics

  • How to take a selfie of your small intestine: the amazing PillCam

  • How to Freeze a Breast Tumor to Death: without surgery

Strategy and social media

Today begins a two-month campaign on Vice.com, with a rotating series of ads that link back to israelisonit.com.  Twitter and Facebook contests will use the #israelisonit hashtag, with fuel provided by Untold News’ 530,000 Facebook fans.

The campaign aims to raise $1 million dollars to fund future advertising.

From Marcella Rosen, Founder and President, Untold News:

“Advertising has the power to educate and change attitudes. Few Americans know of Israel’s contribution to the world, and we hope to build awareness among young people of the major impact Israeli innovation has on their lives.”

For more information, visit: www.israelisonit.com

Israel Is On It is a project of Untold News, a New York City nonprofit 501c3 founded in 2010 to inform Americans about the positive, non-political aspects of Israel.

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