Drive Well to Offer Driving Lessons in Newcastle

Newcastle, UK – Drive Well, a driving education company based out of the greater Newcastle metropolitan area, is seeking to become the local provider for driving tutelage. They plan on achieving this by using a form of content marketing where they will be sharing various case studies, documents and blog posts on the subject matter of driving well.

“It just makes sense,” said Phil Knight, the owner and operator of Drive Well. “Finding a good driving instructor in Newcastle can be very difficult. That all changes with our new content marketing plan, where we are going to be putting our information right in front of our students that are using their smartphones actively searching for people like us. We will also be growing not just in Newcastle, but will be offering driving lessons in Sunderland as well. If people think finding a driving school in Gosforth is hard, once our plan is in the full swing of things, we will be seen as the definite leader in all three areas.”

The company announced its content marketing campaign strategy recently. They will be utilizing various platforms that many small, medium and large businesses have been leveraging now for several years. Instead of buying spots with radio ads or television commercials, the company Drive Well plans to position itself highly in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Their content will be written in such a way that these search engines will find their articles to be the most valuable when their target market searches out relative keywords.

While content marketing relies heavily on what is known as search engine optimization, it will also provide an outlet for content to be shared on other platforms too such as social media outlets. The company will be pushing their lessons on Facebook and Twitter.

The company will be able to reach a much broader audience and also create a sustainable marketing pipeline that will need less and less traditional media. In addition, Drive Well’s educational courses will help students in Newcastle, Gosforth and Sunderland take a significant chunk of the hours they need to get their license out of the equation. They suggest taking an hour to two hours a week learning how to drive using their Drive Well educational platform and instructor led driving training.

The company helps their students pass their driving exam the first time around by helping their students understand what the driving examiner is actually looking for. These 5 things will also be displayed prominently throughout their content marketing plan, things such as learning how to be safe, how to take control of the vehicle, educational on various road regulations and driving laws, aware of driving environment and having the correct mindset for driving safely.

About Drive Well

Drive Well is a driving instructions company based out of the greater Newcastle metropolitan area, specializing in teaching students how to pass their driving exam the first time around. The company saves students money and time through their instructor led programs.

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Company Name: Drive Well
Contact Person: Phil Knight
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Country: United Kingdom