Documentary Film Confronts Donald Trump with the Truth

Touched By Trump is a new documentary film now in production.  The goal of the film is to show Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s supporters the truth behind his talking points. The film is running a crowdfunding campaign on the most popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, with the objective of building support and raising funds for this project. The film has a funding goal of at least $30,000 USD which needs to be raised by Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

Director Jay Trautman explains, “I want to talk to people who have been Touched By Trump, whether for good or for bad.  Perhaps when they see a clear picture of the way Trump has conducted his business, some of those supporters will decide Trump isn’t the best choice for Making America Great Again.”

The objective of the documentary is to record and showcase interviews of people who have been touched by Donald Trump in one way or another. Jay wants to cover both sides of the picture, by talking to people who are excited about Trump and his vision for America as well as those who have been negatively impacted by his business dealings over the years. Jay hopes to learn the reasons behind the astonishing support he has been able to gain throughout America and to gather evidence that this support is misguided.

Jay explains: “Although Trump doesn’t have a record as a member of the political establishment, his leadership has affected people.  I want to hear from the people who were coerced out of their homes to make way for a golf course or a business development.  I want to hear from the people who feel they were defrauded by Trump University.  I want to hear from the people who applied for jobs at one of Trump’s resorts, but were passed over in favor of cheaper foreign labor.  I want to hear from anyone who ate a Trump Steak.”

As a result of this process, Jay wants to counter any misinformation and eliminate any false impressions people may have about Trump. Jay will screen the film around the country before the Presidential election in November in order to reach as many potential Trump voters as possible.

Jay is offering a variety of specially designed rewards and perks to prize the generosity of those who support the campaign and the project through their monetary contributions. The funds collected from the crowdfunding campaign will partially cover the cost of research, interviews, and the production of the documentary.

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About Jay Trautman:

Jay Trautman is a filmmaker who has worked as an assistant editor on projects like Her and House of Cards. He has also directed shorts and commercials, edited independent features, and has worked on feature documentaries and docu-series for Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films.

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