Consider Airwheel Z5 intelligent foldable electric scooter, When you want to have scooter.

Abstract: With the essence of the same series production, Airwheel Z5 electric standing scooter was born. In accordance with Airwheel’s R&D philosophy of joy, smart and efficient core value, Airwheel Z5 electric scooter makes it better in details.

Based on the Z3 electric scooter, a same series production, Airwheel Z5 razor electric scooter was unveiled in the CeBIT 2016. Inheriting the philosophy of joy, smart and efficient core value, Z5 electric scooter keeps improving and makes it better in more details. Airwheel Z5 is an electric scooter, comfortable, convenient and portable, which is suitable for people’s daily traveling. Z5 lays more emphasis on the details together with the following points it can bring you the most wonderful riding experience.
razor electric scooter for adults Z5
1.Bringing joy to you
On the basis of comfortable riding, riders can feel the joy that an electric scooter brings. Streamlined design makes Z5 standing up electric scooter look like beautiful. It is also very easy to learn. Additionally, the battery pack of Z5 has USB interfaces so that users can charge their daily intelligent devices like mobile phone, Tablet and cameras. For safety, it is also equipped with a bell and taillight. All the improvements are made to provide a better user experience.

2. Making your traveling more effective
As for a transporting means, mostly, you may have little requirements. Only if it is light and handy, you will be satisfied, even without the high-tech elements or the so called fast experience. Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter not only optimizes the stability of body folding skeleton and makes it easy to operate, but also presents a more fantastic outlook by concealing the folding joints. There are three folding designs: body folding, handrails folding and pedals folding. It becomes small after folding so that riders can easily place it into car trunk or other public transportation vehicles.
fast electric scooter
3.Controlling the electric scooter’s condition anytime and anywhere
Apart from the joy and efficient features, Z5 electric standing scooter has also installed with Bluetooth device which can interact with the APP on the phone. In this way, riders can know clearly the current riding speed, track and mileage etc. so as to solve some practical problems.

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