A self-proclaimed owner of the world declares it for sale at the price of $1. According to the Universal Declaration published on, the anonymous seller claims the full and complete ownership of “The World”. He went further to state that “he is entitled by God himself and derive his right to rule by the virtue of birth alone, a right based on the law of God, which is incontrovertible unlike man made legal rights”.

His first assignment in line with the declaration is to identify the World’s new owner and this is what he intends to achieve by declaring it for sale. “It’s priceless and cannot be valued in monetary terms, primarily it’s a quest for the next chosen one. And practically it’s not possible for one to invite applications like a mars mission from all over the world” says the declarant, a follower of monotheism, in a blog post.

In order to prohibit any misleading replications, only excerpts of declaration are published. The finished text will went public post auction at, a related website which is also on the offer list for the winning bid and will become the official webpage of newly elected owner of “The World”.

To qualify for participation in the bidding, one has to possess a valid transaction card. The bid along with contact details should be forwarded through an email to, before April 16, 2016, 12 midnight (Pacific Time). For further enquiries the seller can be reached at

The winner will be awarded with a transfer deed along with original hand-written declaration and exclusive ownership of the domain

In his latest tweet, the seller with an owl’s face on his profile #sellingworld, wishes best of luck by quoting from the movie Hunger Games – “May the odds be ever in your favour”.


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