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Abstract: Do you remember the cute and adorkable machine R2 in the movie “Star Wars”? It is loyal and devoted to its master, willingly bear the burden of hard works and it can save its master under the circumstance of emergency. Everybody wants to have a robot like R2. Well, is it possible for owning a robot like R2 now? How long does it will take to have such an intelligent robot for us from the science fiction film to our real life?

Airwheel Technology, the global intelligent life solutions provider, releases its first intelligent wheeled mobile robot S9 which means it is possible for owning a robot like R2 in the near future. Airwheel S9, the brand new wheeled mobile robot, manifests Airwheel’s ambition on the personal intelligent products and services.

So far, common consumers can not bear the expensive intelligent robot so to some extent, intelligent robot is still be kept in the concept stage. Now they can be applied into space probe, ocean development, atomic energy and there are also applications in factory automation, architecture, mining, military, services and agriculture while they do not step into the common life. However, with the appear of Airwheel S9, probably it will change this situation.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/KMSztRhNRN8

More precisely, S9 wheeled robot is a service robot based on the self-balancing system. Through the built-in laser radar and auditory acquisition system, it can achieve the human-computer interaction. Combined with integrated positioning system such as GPRS, WIFI and network base station, it can avoid the barriers in the road and plan the path.

Except the above functions, S9 two wheel balancing robot will be endowed with more functions through the expanding and pluggable hardware components so that it can be applied into more occasions. For example, when it combines itself with Andriod cloud intelligent system, S9 adopts the central controller to do automatic cruise, control lights and electrical appliance, and take photos of warm family scene.
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If you feel boring and unhappy after work and stay lonely, maybe the ball balancing robot S9 will make faces or tell jokes to you to see you crack a smile. Airwheel S9’s appearance implies we step forward a big step for intelligent robot going into common life.

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