Forbram Company Provides Instructions on How to Use the Tennis Elbow Brace and Gold Elbow Brace

11 Apr, 2016 – In my last article, I wrote about how we started selling our Forbram Tennis Elbow Brace (Lateral Epicondylitis), Golf Elbow Brace, Tendonitis Elbow Brace, Elbow Pain Brace and Bowling Elbow Brace on Amazon and how we started penetrating markets on social networks. Today, I would like to speak about a no less important area, i.e. customer service.

 We already know from my last article that the use of the correct key words is critical for good sales. In our case, this involved the phrases “tennis elbow brace”, “lateral epicondylitis”, “golf elbow brace”, “tendonitis elbow brace” and “elbow pain”. However, customer service and communication with the customer are just as important. We are pleased that almost all of our customer reviews are positive. They write about the fact that the brace is comfortable and especially that it works. I will cite, for example, a review by J. Haney:

I have been using the tennis elbow brace for 5 months. I was using a homemade brace, but it didn’t help, so I jumped at the chance to buy this brace at a discount in exchange for my honest review. This brace is so comfortable and it is already helping my arm to feel better. I like that it has a strap that is adjustable in 2 places and it will adjust to fit a small arm or a larger arm. It puts just enough pressure right where I need it. If you’re looking for a comfortable brace that works, I highly recommend this one!

However, the reviews where customers have some reservations with regard to the product are also of value to us. For example, one customer, who wrote that he uses the brace as a tendonitis elbow brace, is very happy with it, but found that it began to press on his arm slightly after 12 hours of wear. In this case, we have to admit that it had not occurred to us to test the brace for long-time wear. We had tested it as a golf elbow brace for a maximum of 7 hours. This was therefore an impulse for us to improve the product.

In the two most critical reviews, we reached the conclusion that the customers did not know how to use our tennis elbow brace correctly. As such, we began to communicate with them via the You Tube channel. Just enter Forbram tennis elbow brace into the You Tube search engine and you can watch several of our videos.

Even though we are most happy to receive five-star reviews, we are also glad for every well intended criticism, because it helps us to improve our services and our Forbram Tennis Elbow Brace (Lateral Epicondylitis), Golf Elbow Brace, Tendonitis Elbow Brace, Elbow Pain Brace and Bowling Elbow Brace.

In the next article, I would like to reveal what new products we are preparing for the future and what we can look forward to.

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