MullerMoo has Released its 24 hrs promise

A UK based manufacturer of baby food products recently revealed their method of processing farm fresh milk into milk powder and storing during a press event.

MullerMoo, a brand of baby food products, had recently announced that they are soon going sell their flagship product, Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk, through their online store. Soon after the big announcement, the owners called another press conference and this time they revealed the secret of their manufacturing process.

According to them, they use spray drying instead of dry blending, which is almost an industrial norm. The owners went on to explain the differences between spray drying and dry blending during a press conference.

The owners expressed that they are aware of the fact that every country they will market and sell their products has their own sets of regulations when it comes to processing and storage of cow milk.

For this reason only, they embraced wet blending after careful consideration since the process is beneficial in many ways. In this process, the farm fresh milk is first sterilised and homogenised. The manufacturers then pass it through an evaporator and then pump it into a spray dryer using a high-pressure pump.

This way, the extra water is successfully evaporated and we can easily obtain the milk powder. Since the entire process of sterilising, cleaning, homogenising and packaging takes roughly 24 hours, the freshness does not go away and also the essential nutrients are not lost, informed a top official of the Kendal, UK based baby food manufacturing company.  

About MullerMoo

MullerMoo is a baby food brand for  toddlers.

Producted and Packed by: Kendal Nutricare Ltd

Golbal distributed by: Dr. Muller Biological Technology Co., Ltd

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