Original Filmmaker Cries Foul over Unethical Practice of Another for Oscar-Nominated Winter on Fire

2016 Phoenix Film Festival – The World Cinema Audience Award.

New York, NY – April 11, 2016 – The filmmaker of an Oscar-nominated documentary film Winter on Fire portraying the demonstrations that swept the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, in 2013 and 2014 calling for then-President Viktor F. Yanukovich to step down from office is now being charged with unethical conduct and injustice to the real filmmakers of the various video footages used in the film.

Damian Kolodiy, one of the original filmmakers who has a film of his own entitled Freedom or Death!, said that Evgeny Afineevsky used Kolodiy’s video footage without permission including the most climactic scene of Freedom or Death!

The video footage that Afineevsky stole from Kolodiy is demonstrated here as used in both films:

Video Link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/158125119

Kolodiy also points out that Afineevsky is conducting a “Brian Williams” of epic proportions, referring to the once-respected news anchor at NBC News for his deliberate telling of tall tales in newscasting. He is charging Afineevsky of unethical conduct for blatantly falsifying to the public, through various media outlets, his role in the 93 days (Nov 21, 2013- to Feb 22, 2014) of the Ukrainian Revolution in Kiev.

 “He clearly has no credibility and his words cannot be believed”, added Kolodiy who has video documented his travels from the US to the troubled region even before the heat on Maidan started rising to palpable tensions. The film has been produced to become the Freedom or Death which is now being shown in a variety of online platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.

Kolodiy said on his Facebook page, “Afineevsky is pretending that he personally did what I personally really did”, referring to statements made by the controversial Winter on Fire filmmaker saying that he suffered PTSD from the traumatic events that he witnessed during the 93 days of Euromaidan Ukraine revolution in Kyiv. Additionally, Afineevsky was quoted to be saying that he was in Maidan for the entire duration of the protests and that he was beat up by police, suffering injuries resulting in PTSD.

Kolodiy added that he tried to get in touch with Afineevsky to provide proof regarding his presence in the Euromaidan protests. As of this writing, Kolodiy has yet to receive proof that Afineevsky was indeed on Maidan during the 93 days of the Ukraine Revolution. Furthermore, Kolodiy said that Afineevsky’s Facebook posts during the contested period show that the filmmaker was actually in Los Angeles and not in Kyiv as Afineevsky claims. Afinnevsky’s Facebook posts have been preserved and can be seen here: https://goo.gl/yKUb03

And downloaded here: https://www.hightail.com/download/ZWJXWUhobEFCMTdtcXNUQw

Kolodiy posted on his Facebook page, “I am sharing what I know in the strong belief that all Ukranian patriots and their supporters want the real story of Maidan to be seen in cinematic form throughout the world, and also that this worldwide cinematic campaign should be done with honesty and fairness to the people who risked their lives to bring that heroic story to cinematic form.”

The original filmmaker laments that a prestigious award-giving body like the Oscars would help perpetuate the blatant lies of Afineevsky by not looking into the credibility of the video sources used in the documentary film. Kolodiy believes that the real heroes of the Ukraine Revolution should be duly recognized for their contribution.

He adds, “I believe the Ukrainian filmmakers, Yuri Ivanyshyn, Pavel Peleshok and the rest of the Ukr Stream TV team intended for that movie to be shown as widely and as often as possible around the world without a money-making structure.”

For more information, visit: http://goo.gl/XzOZFg

With these allegations of dishonesty and unethical practices, Kolodiy believes that Afineevsky should come out in the open and publicly acknowledge his lies, give credit and respect to where it is due, and let the real heroes of the Euromaidan speak for themselves.

Damian Kolodiy’s film Freedom or Death! is next scheduled to be screened at the Phoenix Film Festival on the 8th and 10thof April. For more information on screening needs or a statement from Kolodiy himself about the Oscar controversy, interested parties can get in touch with Damian Kolodiy at 1(617) 257-2893, send an email to DKvideo@gmail.com

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