Safe Port Initiative Launches Remote Learning Program for Survivors of Human Rights Violations

Millions of people from regions around the world are subjected to some of the most inhumane treatment including slavery, sexual exploitation, genital mutilation, religious/political persecution and human trafficking. The vast majority of these survivors want only to improve their situations, which is why the nonprofit charitable group Safe Port Initiative will soon be launching Distance Education for Survivors of Persecution.

This Distance Education for Survivors of Persecution program will initially assist 40 survivors of human trafficking in Kenya and Morocco, along with 20 refugees in Lebanon. In partnership with corporate entities in these countries, Safe Port Initiative has obtained access to videoconferencing facilities, which will enable students to learn skill sets vital to their ongoing survival. The students will range from seven years old up to adulthood.

Safe Port Initiative has helped hundreds of human trafficking survivors through more than 60 rescue operations and recovery services. In that time, members have recognized that survivors need more than mere supplies, they need knowledge for ongoing survival and personal development. Through the Distance Education for Survivors of Persecution program, survivors can obtain these skills to improve their lives as well as those around them.

Safe Port Initiative has secured relationships with governmental and private organizations in Mexico, Morocco, Turkey, Kenya, Lebanon, China and India. These relationships have provided classrooms and videoconferencing equipment that are essential to distance learning. It only costs $10 per week per student to teach using this system.

This program will help dozens of survivors who will then be able to transfer acquired skills to family and friends, but the start up costs are substantial. Safe Port Initiative estimates that the pilot program will cost $28,800. To raise these funds, the group has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. If you make a donation to this worthy cause, you may be eligible for valuable perks like Certificate of Appreciation, photo, short video, customized avatar, video lounge privileges, or appearance in public service announcements.

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