The McCumby Group Partners with Mike Rashid

MIAMI, FL – 11 Apr, 2016 – The McCumby Group is spearheaded by highly sought after trainer and branding professional Kevin McCumby. The McCumby Group is a pioneering force in the fitness industry that currently includes: FitMonster, FitTactix and FitMonster Athletics. The forward thinking company is continuously expanding its roster with new, visionary companies, and today, they are announcing yet another addition to its growing family – top athlete Mike Rashid.

The former Pro Boxer holds 2 National Golden Gloves Titles and now prides himself as a successful power bodybuilder who has authored an entire e-book series called “Overtraining”. Rashid is also CEO/Founder of companies Imsoalpha and Alpha Academy, as well as co-owner of gyms Metroflex (LBC) and Iron Addicts (MI).

Rashid’s online brand Imsoalpha includes a top-selling line of high quality sports supplements, training/nutrition e-books, and sleek fitness apparel. Rashid created the Imsoalpha brand after rising to stardom in the fitness world and gaining a substantial following online. His community continues to grow remarkably and rapidly with his entrepreneurial initiatives.

Rashid’s partnership with The McCumby Group & FitMonster is well timed with his latest passion project Iron Addicts, a hardcore bodybuilding gym soon to open in Miami, Florida. The all inclusive training facility is dedicated to total mind-body transformation and offers Powerlifting, Boxing, MMA, and Nutrition; as well as seminars on training, motivation and evolving the so called ISYMFS philosophy by C.T. Fletcher. The grand opening of Iron Addicts is on April 23rd, and will include the presence of high-powered athletes and fitness industry moguls like Mike Rashid, C.T. Fletcher, Dana Linn and Rob Bailey, Kevin McCumby, Mike O’Hearn and several celebrity guests.

“I have a huge inclination and love toward personal trainers and I know the value of legitimate personal training; both physically and mentally. I also know that a lot of trainers struggle with the business and believe that they need to work at a corporate gym – they don’t.  FitMonster allows you to have an easy to use interface and it helps you run your business super smooth, which makes the experience between you and your client that much better.

It allows trainers and clients to locate each other no matter where they are in the world at any given time – a real game changer.”  – Mike Rashid

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Based in beautiful South Florida, The McCumby Group consists of a future-driven group of industry professionals who are committed to the advancement of Fitness and Personal Health through Technology and Innovation. The McCumby Group is a pioneering force in the industry that currently includes online fitness community FitMonster, FitTactix and FitMonster Athletics. FitMonster was co-founded by McCumby group partner Kevin McCumby, who is expanding on his previous success with McCumby Fitness and Performance by launching a completely unique online platform that offers unparalleled options and opportunities to its users.

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