Presidential Candidate is a Real Dummy

Dummy gets away with making politically incorrect quips

NEW YORK, NY – 11 Apr, 2016 – The next time Donald J. Trump calls someone a dummy, he just may be politically correct.

Mr. Trump has been criticized for tweeting “dummy” to disparage Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin, Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus and even war hero Sen. John McCain.  According to Rolling Stone magazine, dummy ranks as #4 of “Trump’s Meanest Twitter Insults.”

Now meet Donald J. Tramp, a ventriloquist’s dummy that bears a striking resemblance to the GOP front-runner – complete with orange quiff, squinty eyes and of course an outrageous mouth.

The ventriloquist is New Yorker April Brucker, a petite Monroesque comedienne whose video interview “Introducing Donald J. Tramp” ( has attracted YouTube viewers worldwide and generated online attention from The Huffington Post to The Icelandic Monitor.

“From Edgar Bergen’s Charlie McCarthy to Jeff Dunham’s Walter, ventriloquists’ dummies have always been able to get away with making brazen quips that are politically incorrect,” says Ms. Brucker.

“Now, we have a presidential candidate that makes professional ventriloquists’ dummies look like amateurs,” notes Ms. Brucker.

According to Ms. Brucker, it has been easy for her to write jokes for her Donald dummy.

“I just listen to the real Donald’s rhetoric; then the jokes almost write themselves,” says Ms. Brucker.

Among Mr. Tramp’s notable quips:

  • “Tramp University has a Triple K Rating: K-K-K
  •  “I am a liberal conservative – liberal with your money and conservative with mine.
  • “I’m going to make America white… great again. White, great… what’s the difference?
  • “Little Rubio makes my blood boil and stuffing come out of my – you know what.
  • “My hands are proportional to my body. But rest assured, my rod is just the right size.”

The “Introducing Donald J. Tramp” video is available on YouTube (, plus on the comedienne’s website www.AprilBrucker.TV. Ms. Brucker says she will continue throughout the presidential campaign season to release additional Donald J. Tramp videos.

A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Ms. Brucker’s television credits include Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Layover with Anthony Bourdain, My Strange Addiction and The Today Show, plus appearances on BBC, Telemundo, MTV Europe and Dutch National Television.

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