Supreme Potential Introduces Forskolin Extract Capsules to Help Break Down Stored Fats

Molecular distillation process allows packing 100% pure Forskolin into rapidly dissolving capsules that become immediately bioavailable for the body to use

Supreme Potential formulates several high quality nutritional supplements designed to allow people to reach their supreme potential of health and wellbeing. The newest one, available now on Website store as well as in Amazon, is Forskolin Extract which offers the highest potency in that category on the huge retail site, 450 mg per capsule for maximum results.

Forskolin, from the plant Coleus, aids the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), a key signaling agent in several biochemical processes. Researchers have found that Forskolin promotes the breakdown of stored fats and cAMP may help regulate the metabolism of glycogen to release fatty acids from adipose tissues, the connective tissues in human bodies which control fats. Forskolin has been referred to as a “belly blaster that melts fat”.

The Supreme Potential company vision is to empower people to reach optimal health and wellness. They provide supplements that promote mental and physical well-being through multiple mechanisms. Each supplement in their group of products boasts its own specific benefits, and Forskolin Extract is the newest addition to that list. The current nutritional supplement market has become flooded with products, some harmful and unsafe. It is sometimes difficult to be sure a product is safe; but Supreme Potential is proud to say customers can have confidence in their products because of their careful use of extensive research, proper formulation and quality ingredients. All Supreme Potential products are loaded with nutrients derived from the best sources in the United States.

All ingredients for Forskolin Extract are laboratory tested before encapsulation, and the finished product is sent to third party laboratories for independent analysis. All products are encapsulated and bottled in a pharmaceutical grade certified, organic facility and are backed by a full money-back guarantee.

In addition to Forskolin Extract, the product group includes Reservatrol, Garcinia Cambogia and others. To find out about Supreme Potential and the company’s other products, visit the custom online store.

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