NASA physicist’s theory reveals principles readers can use to help reach goals until now they thought impossible

RICHMOND, VA – 12 Apr, 2016 – A new book entitled ANSWERS: Why You’re Here, How It Happened, What to Do About It presents a NASA physicist’s theory that explains the “spooky action a distance” Einstein famously rejected but since has been demonstrated, the “participating observer” effect, and it presumes what came before the Big Bang.

That matter is all there is has been a scientific tenet since Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan was published in the mid seventeenth century and today creates an obstacle to developing a theory to explain what existed before the Big Bang. The theory reported upon purports to overcome the objection articulated by British biochemist Rupert Sheldrake, who said, “Modern science is based on the principal, ‘Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.’ And the one free miracle is the appearance of all the matter and energy of the universe, and all the laws that govern it, from nothing in a single instant.”

Stephen Hawley Martin, the book’s author said, “I have become convinced modern science, for all the good it has done, is built on a faulty premise. All that’s necessary is to turn that premise on its head and phenomena scientists today regard as anomalies instantly make sense.”

Martin added, “My goals in writing this book were to present the evidence along with previously unrecognized laws and principles readers can use to achieve goals they may until now have thought impossible.”

ANSWERS is available on and is published by The Oaklea Press both in Kindle eBook (ASIN: B01DOO8118) and in trade paperback (ISBN: 1530840805) and is distributed by the independent publishing platform, CreateSpace. Established in 1995, Oaklea Press’ titles range from business management to novels, self-help, and motivational.

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Title: ANSWERS: Why You’re Here, How It Happened, What to Do About It 
ISBN: 978-1530840809

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