Fundraising Just Got Easier!

The Fundraising Club has developed a new, turn-key method for non-profit and charitable organizations to raise money, which allows the group to concentrate on what they do best.

The Fundraising Club has developed the new concept of Forever Fundraising…a truly turn-key, perpetual fundraising program that offers residual profits where clients can receive a check every month, every year…forever. Unlimited profit potential combined with extremely easy program activity makes this the PERFECT PROGRAM for almost every organization’s fundraising needs.

Many non-profit and charitable organizations try to raise funds by selling candy, coupons, cheap gifts, candles, scratch cards, and other “trinket items” or “gimmick gifts” that people only buy to support the organization. These organizations are often tired of selling merchandise that is way over-priced, and concerned about money or items being lost, stolen or broken before an order is placed or delivered. But they don’t have to do this anymore!

Most organizations are similar in that they are not designed or managed to raise funds…that’s where The  Fundraising Club come in. They have already designed and actively manage this turn-key online fundraising program, which allows groups to focus on the more important goals and objectives of their organizations. The process is simple.

Here’s how it works: groups register with The Fundraising Club and then simply advertise or promote their affiliation, such as with a link on their website. When people click on that link they will find the opportunity to shop at a fundraising store with approximately 6,000 popular items (new items are frequently added and unpopular items are deleted). When they check out, the organization will receive a commission check for all sales produced each month.  They can even do cash donations! It is simple. It is streamlined. It is stress-free.  

In addition, groups no longer have to worry about money or products being misplaced or stolen, or have to worry about deadlines. The customers are satisfied because they are buying popular, quality items for a reasonable price and still supporting the non-profit or charitable organization. The members of the organization don’t have to sweat and strain to sell unwanted items, or ever have to deliver any products again. Products are even drop shipped directly to the buyer! Some fundraising companies offer extremely high earnings of sales, and while this may sound good on the surface, they are also charging extremely high, outrageous prices on their products. At The Fundraising Club, they know people will enjoy supporting someone’s cause and paying fair prices for quality products they can actually use. And, the program is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Fundraising Club maintains the website, sells the merchandise, collects the money, ships purchased items, tracks sales, and sends out the checks every month.  All non-profit or charitable organizations have to do is sign up, advertise their provided link, and cash their checks. Many people are calling this the PERFECT PROGRAM.

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