SexyShoesWoman to Provide World’s Best Selection of Women’s Footwear

United States – April 12, 2016 – Steeped in the tradition of making fine quality, truly elegant, and equally comfortable women’s footwear, SexyShoesWoman ( is fully geared to provide the world’s most discerning ladies and fashionistas with the kind of footwear that are sure to create a lasting image of fashion sophistication and elegance.

According to a company spokesperson, SexyShoesWoman would like to remain true to its vision of designing and producing quality comfortable footwear that speaks well of one’s personality. The spokesperson believed that every woman deserve to feel and look gorgeous. While a lot of ladies take their footwear for granted, there are more who value their footwear as based on their personal choice. SexyShoesWomen aims to provide the ladies of today the kind of footwear that they truly deserve.

Currently, the company is introducing three distinctly unique footwear that is worn by high-profile individuals and celebrities – women thigh high boots for that instantly leathery sophistication of feminine power and determination; ankle strapped pointed toe heels for that unmatched elegance and luxurious look perfect for evening social gatherings or even for everyday life; and gladiator sandals for those individuals who have exquisite tastes without really appearing too powerful or too lame.

The design of the Thigh High Boots represents the idea of modern woman’s strong character and sheer determination to succeed in a still-male-dominated society. This footwear is designed to make women feel the glamour and fashion statement of some famous celebrities such as Adriana Lima, Anne Hathaway, Emmy Rossum, and Nicole Scherzinger.

The simple design of Ankle Strap Pointed Toe Pumps high heels creates an air of sophistication and elegance that is superbly unmatched. With different designs to choose from SexyShoesWoman is aimed primarily for the modern woman who requires comfort and uncomplicated aesthetic designs without necessarily detracting from its core functionality and elegance. Many celebrities and high-profile individuals wear ankle strap pointed toe high heels for their fashion flexibility. It can be used to complement casual wear to even formal dresses. “Just look at Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Bella Heathcote, and Hayden Panattiere and you will see just how marvelous the ankle strap design is,” says the spokesperson of SexyShoesWoman.

For its women gladiator sandals, the design team of SexyShoesWoman looked back in time to the day when straps wrapped around the feet were considered sexy. The company is now providing an excellent selection of these strappy sandals for everyday use without appearing out-of-sync with the latest in fashion footwear.

SexyShoesWoman was established in 2005 and have continued to specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality, fashionable, comfortable, and elegant ladies’ and women’s footwear. With more than 200 very skilled shoemakers in 3 production lines in 2 factories producing thousands of footwear every month and passing footwear to a stringent 5-step quality assurance process, SexyShoesWoman aims to be the leading provider of high quality footwear for women. The company has a complete range of women’s boots, heels, sandals, flat shoes, occasion shoes, and sports shoes.

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