Somnio Medical Reports Rise In Australians Going On Cosmetic Holidays

Biggera Waters, Australia – When people aren’t happy with their looks, they have many choices. They can follow a new diet and exercise regime. And they could also upgrade their wardrobes with the latest fashions. But, did you know that many Australians also opt for cosmetic surgery? What’s more, increasing numbers choose to do so on a “cosmetic holiday”!

What is a cosmetic holiday?

This is where a person has a cosmetic medical procedure carried out overseas while on holiday.

More Australians choose to combine the two for various reasons. First of all, there is the financial aspect. Cosmetic procedures are much cheaper overseas than ones done by domestic providers. And, second, patients can enjoy some time away from home in an exotic location.

Somnio Medical is a leading provider of cosmetic holidays. The firm has reported a distinct rise in the number of patients booking such holidays. So, what is it about cosmetic holidays that appeals the most to patients?

Reduced costs

For many people, the trouble with getting cosmetic procedures in Australia is the price. Common surgery options such as breast augmentation and dental implants are often high. More patients prefer to travel overseas where the costs are lower, but the quality of work is still high.

The Somnio Medical website at gives some prices on procedures carried out abroad. For example, a breast lift and implant cost $8,390 in Thailand. The same procedure in Australia, albeit offered at a discounted rate, is $9,990.

As one can imagine, that’s a significant saving. Especially when you consider the Thailand cost includes accommodation!

Holiday of a lifetime

There will be no denying the fact that patients want to enjoy the sun, scenery and relaxation. Cosmetic holidays are also growing in popularity because they offer a memorable holiday experience. It gives patients the opportunity to combine two objectives in one.

More Australians enjoy cosmetic holidays as it makes them feel good about themselves. When they return from their trips, they come back almost as new people. One could even say that cosmetic holidays help individuals reinvent themselves!

Peace of mind

Having a medical procedure done will always come with some risk. Regardless of whether it’s cosmetic or not. The good news is cosmetic holiday packages offer great peace of mind.

For a start, only qualified and licensed surgeons get used. Companies carry out stringent checks on medical staff before letting patients use them. Second, all accommodation gets handpicked to guarantee both an enjoyable and memorable time. Also, providers always check that patients are not at high risk of complications.

About Somnio Medical

Established in 2009, Somnio Medical is a well-respected provider of cosmetic holidays. The company offers holiday packages that include various medical procedures. They offer holidays both in Thailand and within Australia.

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